The Best Scopes for AR-10-(AR-10 Rifle Scopes Reviews-2019)

The Best Scopes for AR-10-(AR-10 Rifle Scopes Reviews-2019)

As a sharpshooter, you know better of your ability to hit the target. The ability to hit the target directly say your real targeting skill. But, remember finding the best scope for ar-10 is little more challenging since thousands of poor quality gears are available out there. Consequently, to spot your target directly influences your ability to make the hit firmly. I know you are a big player of shooting when you are using the most versatile firearms AR 10 rifle.

Quick Comparison Chart of The Best Scopes for AR-10

Whatever, I hope you already got to know the incredible popularity of your AR-10 rifle among sharpshooters. Tremendously, the endless stocks, grips, magazine options, and an adjusted mounting system made AR-10 most versatile firearm in the world.

What to look for in a rifle scope?

In short, I have given the list what you need to consider before choosing the best scopes for Ar10. Don’t move with a high-range scope without having vast experience of its uses.

  • Durability 
  • Easy Mount
  • Auto Shutoff
  • Night Vision
  • Magnification
  • Quick Target Acquisition
  • Price
  • Eye Relief

In other words, you may select a long-range even higher, if the area you are living allow your great scope as like as your favorite ar10. For example, Few days you may use 6x power while other days you go up to 12x or more! Here everything depends upon you.

As a AR 10 user, you should be aware of the high recoil. That’s why you should pick the best rifle scope what can control stressful circumstances. Therefore, the very famous scope companies produce scopes with excellent designs and have superior manufacturing techniques in place to give you a magnitude which is built to last.

Here I’m explaining a few notable terms which you should consider before getting into the final decision


Another reason you have to consider which is your preferred shooting distance. Whatever most of the people usually do the same in this case. People get a plan to use the scope for over the next two years, after that choice a magnification based on that choice. like, the Vortex Diamondback 4-12×40

Remember, The precision shoot is defiantly hit your intended target directly which requires a magnified scope. Therefore, make sure an effective range of AR 10 to get an exact magnification, All of my familiar shooters prefer a Vortex Diamondback. There is an unlimited value being offered under this price.

You also have so many options if you feel the more range, my recommendation is a 4-16x 42 is enough. if less range, the favorite hunting 3-9×40.

Eye Relief

You need to be aware of practicing the scope for higher caliber guns since you have to make sure that your range has enough eye relief. Eye relief is the space between your eye and the eyepiece of the scope which is essential to see a full and clear image. This area usually is being referred to as the eye box. Therefore, distance is significant because, with high caliber weapons which give you more of a kick, you don’t want your scope jabbing you in the eye.


I always suggest people get a scope under a mid-range budget. At the same time, I don’t recommend anybody to buy cheap stuff which is bound to break soon. but I also don’t want to overspend when I can get the same product, the same level of quality for less price. Here are the tricks!

Which techniques allows me to get an excellent rifle scope within the lowest cost, which makes me very happy.
If you notice carefully, You will see plenty of common brand out there which hit the perfect balance of value for the price, at the same time, there are so many brands which push the marketing and offer the same amount, for an extremely high rate.

Why scope is ideal for For AR-10?

Well! Prominently, the rifle allows you to customize manually. And modify different parts of AR-10 to build your own requirements and everything you can do within a minimal budget. That could be the reason to get huge popularity to the different shooters.

best Scope For AR10
Scope For AR-10 rifle

Is there anybody who doesn’t prefer AR10 rifle? let me tell you one recent state information published in last 2010 was reported that the US Army reached enough efficiency to replace their old issues by ar10 rifle. you may find them very close enough to their looking but there is one small difference between the Army’s AR-15 rifle and the civilian AR-10. when it was designed, the gas-driven, magazine-fed model was power. You will find there are many reasons why it remains popular with different marksman.

In short, why ar10 got huge popularity among different firearms holder.

  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Cost Effective 
  • Multiple parts are interchangeable
  • Easy customization
  • Magazine-fed
  • Dependable and Powerful

Therefore, all the unique characteristics of ar-10 distinguish itself from many other ordinary firearms. But, keep in mind one things, no matter how precious firearms do you have when you don’t have the best scope for ar 10 to hit purposefully wherever you want. As I think, A rifle without scope is a powerless mobile phone. It may sound crazy, but this is the truth.

Not to mention, I can scarcely remember the last shoot what I made a miss-firing because of not having a perfect scope with my .308 rifle. As a result, I made big mistakes. Whatever, I unable to explain what my target was indeed. But remember, undoubtedly it was my biggest mistake in my life I have had ever made. Regret always comes yet for that shooting.

Therefore, I say rifle scope is something must have components for ar10. it is desperately essential for those who practice long-range shooting. It allows the shooter to target more precise and correct. It is the only way you can hit your desired target without missing.

As I think, A passionate shooter gets more power to the outside through a rifle scope. the rifle scope assists you to see clearly beyond what the human eyes unable to see it clearly. It could help a lot in locking down on targets for a precise shot.

On the other hand, a rifle scope is not only a device or gears it helps you in so many ways. For example, reduce bullet wastage. yes, a good rifle scope reduces bullet wastage than ever before. Keep in mind, With the right precision or accuracy, all of your bullets will effectively use. It could be a big reason to pick the proper rifle scope.

My uncle gift a Nikon as I was the almost young man, and I’ve always preferred them, but over the last five years, I’ve come across a few others gears that I think are worth mentioning.

So, before explaining nuts and bolts about AR-10 and different hunting gears, you need to have a clear idea about different hunting and shooting gears. As I said earlier, it’s not very easy to find the best scope for ar 10.

Just keep in mind, kinescope allows the shooter to target more precisely. It doesn’t matter how professional shooter you are, just keep these rough measurements in mind. I hope the following measurement would help you to find the best scope for ar 10.

  • Long-range targeting: when it is about 400 yards or more
  • Medium range targetting: when it is about 200  to 400 yards
  • Close range: when it is under 200 yards

I have already told you, AR10 is an easily customizable rifle, changing the barrel length decide the range of your firearm. Consequently, the extended the barrel length, the more your target range will go up.

what is the ideal magnification of the AR-10 rifle scope?

As you know, long-range shooting is quite tricky especially for the beginners .it takes a lot of practices. Although, you have already one of the best long-range rifles on your hand. So, everything depends upon you; whether you want to improve your shooting skill or merely accelerate your personal best, you’ll want the best scope for ar 10 to get you there.

So, in a moment I am going to explain to you a fundamental idea about different distance.

Long-Range Targeting-(400 Yards And Above)

First things first, the distance you are targeting refers to how difficult it will be. therefore, It takes different requirements for different distance. The requirements for close distance will not be the same for long-range distance.

That’s why In point of my view. it needs almost 9x to above in order to get perfect target acquisition at long range shooting with your AR10 rifle

At the same time, you have to ensure a lens diameter of 40mm or more for long range targeting. Keep in mind, it needs enough technique for higher magnification, and a bigger lens absorbs more light. So, my recommendation is always, selecting a lens with 40mm or higher for long range is short-range, require better clarity and higher magnification.

medium range targeting-(200 – 400 yards)

As I said to you earlier, it takes different magnification for different distance.Mid-range is always perfect for the most AR10 users, this is my recommended distance. No need to fight with your scope when it is straightforward to manage. Don’t forget to make sure the magnification between 5 – 9x, I hope it is quite enough to get pretty high magnification. Surely, I can assure you 5 – 9x magnification works perfectly to recognize your target well enough. Happy shooting.

Close range targeting-(Up to 200 yards)

Sometimes I feel ashamed when people give the wrong explanation to prove themselves as a big gun, but actually, they are not like that. Even I found so many professional shooters they don’t know what is the exact range for AR10 rifle. actually, The answer would be probably yes if you did ever use others rifle instead of only using ar10 for the first time. Therefore, You can perform incredibly fast without getting any trouble. Just make sure 1 – 4x magnification power to get tremendous feedback. Your shooting distances help you to get excellent performance.

Top 5 Reviews of the Best Scopes for the AR-10 rifle

Here, I have done extensive research on different optics and at the end of the day, I found 5 best scope for ar 10. I choose these top 5 scopes among 23 rifle scopes of optics for the ar-10 rifle.

Nikon M-308 4-16X42

Remember, I have already told you earlier that, the .308 remains one of the most successful and popular firearms gear used with the AR-10 rifle. it doesn’t matter whether it is for hunting or target shooting. You can take the red dot sight even you are someone beginner.

So, we assumed after making extensive research and using by myself the caliber particular Nikon M-308 scope would be your wise decision for your ar-10 rifle.

As I know, Icon was was mage .308 scope only for long range rifles like the AR-10. The lightweights make the scope tremendously popular among shooters. Even it doesn’t feel bother you when you’re carrying a gun or holding for a long time. therefore I recommend a perfect red dot sight would be a good option if you need to use your ar10 frequently or use for long periods of time.

Keep in mind, I’m talking about  Nikon. Which is the number one dominating brand continues offering the most remarkable riflescopes in the USA Furthermore, the? M-308 scope offers you a very sharp and clear view when you go for shooting. Light transmission system makes the range more beautiful.

Remember the scope used multicoated supper lenses that ensure bright light transmission, clear images with well-balanced color. Imagine, You don’t need to find scope accessories, you don’t have to take any hassle or pressure for returning items that don’t fit. As like as differents sunshade, mount, lens caps, and cleaning cloth which is all specially made for this exact scope.

Unfortunately, you may find yourself a little bit uncomfortable after hitting the 12x magnification since the eye relief not so much good. I found only this issue can make fell you a little uncomfortable. that’s all. Again, I can ensure the excellent scope doesn’t feel you bother to make settings adjustment even after heavy recoil. whatever, the scope comes after ensuring the shooter’s requirements. As you know while it is a wide range of magnification, that means can use it for hunting, target, bench rest, or tactical shooting.

Features in short:

  • Waterproof
  • Fogproof
  • Shockproof
  • Clear optics
  • Excellent BDC reticle
  • Great appearance underwater
  • Target maximum up to 1000 yards.

The Vortex Optics Diamondback 4-12×40

Second focal plane Rifle Scope: OK, let’s start from the point. I don’t see any need to introduce you to the brand name. Yes, this is Vortex. One of the best well knows scope brad in the USA. I am pointing over the brand name because considering a well-reputed brand name before picking up a scope is a wise decision. isn’t it?

Fortunately, if you can match the brand name between your rifle and scope, nothing will be better than it.
Therefore, Vortex is a good brand but not as good as like Nikon or Bushnell. Nikon, Bushnell is good and they got the position for a different reason. However, what we are talking for the vortex. remember, vortex optimized its performance and reliability. Don’t expect the scope will help you to hold your hand through the hunt.

On the other hand, Using high-quality aircraft grade aluminum keep the scope extremely lightweight. but at the same time durability being down a little bit. That doesn’t mean, durability is extremely poor.

Furthermore, It’s incredibly user-friendly for any kinds of recoil, it doesn’t matter whether the climate is favorable to you or no. Another excellent thing I found here, the scope ensures very clear view all the way out to the edges of the lens.

Don’t worry about the lens when it is fully secured from scrapes and scratches. A protective lens ensures everything whatever it takes.on the other hand, the scope using internal argon gas which helps you to avoid foggy vision or wet mishaps.

Bear in mind one things that, occasionally you have to take a few times to adjust your targeting point. You need to know one thing about this scope that is about the parallax. You may don’t find it work exactly how it did less than 50-60 years. The parallax doesn’t work excellent after 50 yards.

I found this is the only little disadvantage. Although it depends on what magnification you required. Correction of the windage is another essential thing every shooter needs to know before holding the sight. Hold-over corrections and windage, it allows you greater accuracy and confidence. I assure you It performs excellently with windage and elevation pop-up dials.

The Vortex is always exceptional for Dead-Hold BDC reticle. don’t try to compare the reticle with any other ordinary reticle. It will help you to bring your shooting experience on a different level. Incredibly easy customization and audible clicks help you to eliminate.

Needless to say, easy installation and getting it out quickly from your firearm truly simple. The full magnification range is also a notable thing; it helps you in so many situations.

Features in short:

  • The clarity and range of this scope are awesome.
  • I’ve held zero for over 300 rounds
  • the crosshair extremely helpful
  • takes a few seconds to adjust the sight to your liking

The UTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact Scope

I hope this one will meet all of your expectation when The UTG offers you everything within your limited budget. Yes, The UTG Compact Scope incredible budget friendly.Using multi emerald coated lenses ensure enough light transmission which helps you to get the best clarity besides you can open lens caps if you need.

It will get your full attention on your target without losing any settings. To ensure maximum accuracy, you can use zero locking and zero resetting target turrets. If you think to get an impressive and parallax free view, just moving side wheel but remember, it works only for 10 yards or above. The side-wheel designed such a way that it is very user-friendly, easy to adjust.

You may find some difficulties when tuning something with side focus knob. Despite this little inconvenience, Be sure, you are getting an excellent supper scope with a very reasonable price. The IE reticle distinguishes the devices from all other existing scopes.

Keep in mind, there is an illumination enhancing (IE) reticle which helps you to distinguish the scope from others. Not only traditional red or dull green color, besides this UTG scope ensured 36 different color modes. where you can handle any environment under any weather conditions with this scope.

Because of a few high-tech features make it slightly more extraordinary than other scopes. so there is a good recommendation for this one if you found any potentiality. You have to consider the extra weight is a testimony to its reliability and durability. Just remember, No other scope will offer you the same as what you are being provided from the UTG scope.

The Leupold VX-2 4-12x40mm

The Leupold is a very trustable company working for four generations. Producing different types of scopes. You may have seen their scopes before unconsciously. A distinctive gold ring around the objective bell helps you next to identify Leupold clearly. The mark bear the brand name.

Excellent light transmission helps a user to get extremely sharp resolution across the entire visual field, Here using an index-matched Diamond Coat that is unique to Leupold, which provides complete protection from scrapes and scratches,

Without taking the pressure for adjusting elevation and holdover, a custom dial system (CDS) will adapt to your specific cartridge, which helps you to avoid the hassles. You can quickly focus the reticle soon and provides fantastic eye relief because of having external eyepiece so don’t worry about heavy recoil when you use the scope.

You can customize an Adjustable Objective to get faster and ester parallax adjustment in the field. An Adjustable objective made it easy for quick and easy parallax adjustment. You better to keep in mind that the device performs better in close to medium range shooting. You are not required to give extra effort when you are getting eye box support.

Blackened lens edges help to reduce light diffusion and allow more usable light to your eyes which you to get bright vision with increased contrast. Primary Arms 4-16X44 Illuminated Mil Dot Scope, Black When you are looking for a scope, you are expecting something that will meet all your needs. The Primary Arms 4-16X Illuminated Mil Dot Scope is one of them what you are expecting; I hope it will not despair you.

The coolest things are that you can easily switch from short range to long-range targeting. When you aim through the super bright lens, the illuminated mil-dot reticle tells you automatically precisely, what you are targeting. best rifle scope under 500


If you think you’re a great shooter and you should be when you have an ar-10 rifle. But there is a good suggestion from my experience you better wait until you mount one of these sleek scopes!

I always expect you to face every computation bravely and bring home that 12-point buck. Keep in mind; there isn’t anything you can’t do and nobody can help you until you can manage one of the greatest rifle scope pairs together with the ar10 rifle. If you are a real fan of this powerful rifles, you can check our optics and reflex sight guides.