The Best Scope For 308-Buyer Guide & Reviews-2019

The Best Scope For 308-Buyer Guide & Reviews-2019

Is there any marksman who doesn’t know about the .308 rifle and its brutality? Whatever, let me tell you one thing first. It doesn’t matter whether you are professional artilleryman or practicing the .308 rifle for the first time. Keep in mind, As a passionate shooter, it is not a big deal for me to manage the best scope for 308 rifles.

However, remember one thing about .308 rifle. it is one of the most common and well-known classical rifle using in the USA and all hunting cartridge. As an experienced rifleman, I have used more than one fabulous rifles along with a the.308 rifle, and that’s why I am assuring you confidently. No ordinary rifles can challenge your .308 rifle as long as you have the best long-range scope for 308.

Quick Comparison Chart of The Best Scopes For .308 rifle

In the following discussion, we are going to reviews a few of the notable and best scopes which is extremely suitable for .308 firearm. so let’s get started by asking few relevant questing about the rifle scope for .308

What is the best long-range scope for 308?

Whether you need a long-range rifle scope or short-range rifle scope. it depends upon your requirements. Whatever, remarkably accuracy could be a hidden secret behind the huge fame of .308 rifle all around the world.

Let me clear you a few things about the rifle what we are talking about. .308 rifle is handy for low recoil, consuming low power, and allow to extend barrel life as well.

First thing first, there is a lot of other stuff you have the deal with them like. you are required to manage a decent rifle scope for your decent .308 rifle to get the real performance of your rifle. Otherwise, your gun will remain as an ordinary rifle.

Why long-range scope is good for a 308?

Long range target scope allows you to hit your target deadly accurate from long distance when short-range scope unable to do that.

Whatever, let’s share one of my golden and real-life experience of using .308 rifle. Point to be noted, before using .308 I had experienced with so many guns, shotguns, pistols. That’s why you need to know the basic differentiation between .308 rifle vs. all other firearms.

Hence, I got the true feel of shooting and targeting. It is incredible feelings for each moment when I go with my .308 rifle. I love the feeling most. Imagine, there is a lot to your grandfather old hunting rifle. And they all flashing through the mind and help you to think, how brave they were in their time? That’s crazy thinking.

Most of the .308 rifle holders prefer.308 rifle because of its short-action, big-game hunting cartridge. Another reason, it is an original USA product, made right here in the USA.

It goes only two years after taking my .308 rifle with a decent rifle scope. I am pleased with them as it allows me to hit deadly accurate wherever I point out. But don’t expect your .308 rifle to do as precise as it performs within 250-300 yards.

Whatever there is no any restriction at all; you may take a try as I have made plenty of unimaginable target within 300 yards. But the only thing you have to remember as a passionate shooter, like me. There is no way to expect serious performance without a perfect rifle scope. that’s why you have to make sure an ideal scope before anything else.

Don’t be distracted when it is all about managing the best scope for 308 rifles. Although it is a tricky process to make the right scope for your .308 caliber.When so many backdated scopes are available out there. Whatever, stay with me till the end of my article. You will get to know about different trips and trick on .308 rifle.

How To Select The Best Scope for 308 Rifle?

There is no way to manage a perfect hunting gear without having the smallest knowledge about different hunting gears. And that’s the truth what I can say. That’s why in a moment I am going to show you the easiest to find the best scope for .308.

Best scope for .308
.308 rifle with scope

First of all, there is no way better than self-investigation what I mentioned one more times in my writing. Hence you are required to get extensive analysis on the following topics. And I assure you after reading the article you will learn a lot and feel extremely confident. As like real gunman, then you can decide better anyone else the best scope for 308 rifles.

Let’s share one of my experience related to this issue I hope you may find some potentiality.

Whatever, it is not more than two years, I integrated .308 rifle in my collection. I don’t know how you will take me after listing this. Believe me, or I made my favorite rifle scope before touching my .308 rifle.

I know it sounds crazy but that the true happen with me because I know how much essential scope for a gun when it is all about .308.

Whatever the secure reloading system first caught my attention when I finally got .308 rifle on my hand. as it allows me to reload without having any trouble and then second things.

that’s why I prefer .308 rifle a bit of high then other firearms that is. It doesn’t produce a lot of recoils, even after taking many rounds. That’s cool! And finally, I have done an extensive review on my three favorite rifle scopes and they all designed for especially .308 rifle. You can take a look.

I tried to my level best to focus on those issues which I think they should be okay for every .308 rifle users as like me. .I tried my level best to show you the easiest way to select the right scope for your .308 rifle.

Dimension of scope

When it is all about finding the best scope for .308 rifle, you must be aware of color and size. As you know, there are thousands of gears available with different size and color but very few of them going to be the best for your rifle. That’s why You have to be more strategic on the scopes you are about to buy.

Internal and External Body Construction

I don’t see any need to explain how much essential it is to make sure sturdy body construction. Always try to assure a scope using aircraft grade aluminum. which ensures the greatest protection at the same time it helps to keep the scope simple, lightweight and extremely durable.

Healthy internal and external body construction keeps the scope protected from water, fog, and anything.


I recommend you to manage a size with a long-range capable scope which will deliver genuine clarity and precision over a long-run.

The standard type of form and build system is when it used a single tube. It gave me an excellent seal and minimum performance on my full journey.

It was more logical to endure the recoils from the rifle. That’s why most of the scope will be formed to be shockproof. With excellent security, it should last through all most a year of recoil.

Easy to use

This is a real matter of fact you need to see before selecting the best scope for 308 rifles otherwise you have to face much trouble.

And that’s why everyone should look for a scope which is very easy for use. No wants a range which takes a lot of time to adjust the magnification. Right!

Field of view

Nobody expects a expect a rifle scope which doesn’t allow the user to keep eyes open when shooting. At least not for me, I always prefer a range which comes with enough field of view. As I told you earlier, most of the scopes come with poor quality and down to the diameter of the real lens.

That’s why remember when it offers you a larger diameter that is the sign that it ensures a high field of view. It does not mean that you have to go with the biggest one.

Reticles support

Finally, you should look for a good reticle, which assists you to focus on the target with details. Don’t take excessive eyes strain when scopes are available. One should feel comfortable after taking a scope, and you should be able to make easy adjustments. If you have difficulty tracking your targets through the field, it’s not the right one for real-life activity.

what is the best budget for a rifle scope?

How much amount you are going to pay for a scope that is the matter to get the best rifle scope for your rifle.
I always suggest you pick a model within your budget.

It is not a big deal when the cost of the scopes for the 308 rifles not so expensive except a few top end scopes. but remember you can get high-end scope within your budget as well when there are cheaper options.

Just make sure the low-cost model is genuinely worth buying. Don’t take a model a model that would not have high performance.

Top 5 Best scope reviews for 308 rifles

Yes, finally we reached our desired reviews section, here I am going to introduce you with a few markets best scope for .308 rifles. Remember, I only reviewed those rifle scopes which I got in touched, and I am confident enough those scopes.
I hope finally you are going to meet with excellent rifle scopes as all the scopes are proven. They ensure an excellent outcome after attesting these scopes on my firearms.

Nikon M-308- 4-16X42

Is there anybody who doesn’t know about the brand name? Yes! This is Nikon, one of the most familiar brands under this industry.

What I can assure you that is Nikon M-308 is one of the affordable scopes in the platen. That’s why I can tell you without taking a break a lot of features helped the Nikon M-308 extremely popular among .308 shooters.

In the meantime, Nikon M-308 designed keeping the .308 rifle in their mind, and that’s why using 42mm lens ensures the incredible field of view. Where you can expect a natural area of light even, at the highest magnification.

Another thing caught my attention on this scope, that is the essential long-range target acquisition. It was perfect for long-range engagements and recommended for using ballistic drop reticle as well. The ballistic drop reticle was designed for critical aim points.

I am interested in talking about the reticle as it is BDC 800 reticle. if you are someone who looking for the speed of a holdover type reticles then I would highly recommend this one for you.

As I assumed it maintained a specific distance to correspond to each holdover, which helps us a lot to get target rapid target acquisition.

Why we comment the dial-in or holdover as the configuration makes everything’s easy for us when it is all about .308 rifle.

First of all detect the right distance by moving the turret then place, where you get the distance of your target. recognize the wanted distance just by routing the crosshair at the middle of your target and finally pull the trigger. Boom! That’s all.

Let me assure one thing; the scope comes with an integrated ring to mount it properly on your rifle.
Besides, you are getting a parallax customization option to get make your acquisition perfect. Whatever, everything follows a natural of role, nobody can deny it anyway.

That’s why here I mentioned a few pros and cons in short. Take a look. I didn’t find any faults. Except for the windage turret, as I did not fail on me and had used it more than once.

Bushnell AR Optics 4.5-18x40mm

I am sure you heard the name before and you heard because of this is Bushnell and Bushnell is one of the most recognized and reputable sports optics brand names in the world.

That’s why this is one of the leading manufacturing company under this industry. Different unique features and excellent durability makes Bushnell one of the most trustworthy products all over the world.

Bushnell proves their commitment for this one also as they applied the modern technology on it to build an excellent scope for .308 rifle.

The Bushnell AR Optics 4.5-18x40mm is exceptionally user-friendly for .308 rifle, but you may find a bit of issue with parallax adjustment.

Don’t worry; if you are someone passionate shooter like me, then you can manage the scope since it comes with a side focus the parallax adjustment option.

This is very useful to correct parallax manually in long-range shooting. You can get seriously target acquisition within 120 yards to 500 hundred yards although last week I made an excellent successful target it was almost 600 yards.

And everything was possible because it uses BDC reticle to ensure extremely right target acquisition in any distance. On their hand, caliber-specific reticle provides more precision with every round.

100% Fully multi-coated BDC reticle which makes the sure excellent clear vision and brightness even in low light condition. It will help you to get a sharp, clear and crisp view of any target without having any trouble.

I am not sure whether it will be helpful for you or not as, as like all another scope you can customize the target torrent. To make it correctly you have to know how to use MOA click as it is 1/4 MOA click. The scope comes with an excellent sharp and fast focus eyepiece.

Leupold LP110797-BRK VX-2 3-9x40mm

Leupold is another well-established brand name as like as Nikon, Bushnell and other top end scopes brand.
Thousands of proven unique scopes and their performance reflect Leupold successful history.

So, through their uncountable successful history, Leupold introduced recently another revolutionary product, that is Leupold VX-2.

After mounting the excellent scope on my .308 rifle, it seemed Leupold put all the futures together in the scope. That’s why I like to say VX-2 kept their commitment to its origin.

Frankly to say Leupold VX-2, helped me l lot to improve my target acquisition and changed my last miss shooting experience.

As like as another scope, the Leupold VX-2 offers reticle options, premium design, easy controlling, and finally it accepts lifetime warranty.

The scope comes with super-fast focusing capacity which allows you to focus on your targets without having hassles.
I can assure the scope perform way better than any others top end scopes since the scope with robust in its built quality.

Another cool feature I experienced after mounting the scope on my .308 rifle that is excellent eyes relief. That is excellent eye relief. Where you are free to keep your both eyes open when focusing on your intended target. It feels very comfortable. Use.

And rest assured the scope comes with sturdy construction like it is fog proof and waterproof.

FSI Sniper is 6-24x50mm

This is another budget-friendly scope, I have ever seen. As like as any others scope, you are getting all the cool futures together within a very affordable budget.

It doesn’t matter how long the distance is it since you can get the perfectly within 500+ yards. So I would highly recommend you if you feel a scope for long-range shooting.

The FSI sniper comes with a clear mil-dot reticle in the second focal plane. This would be a reason for constant dot size. Besides the excellent scope allow you to select the illuminated reticle from three different colors settings (red, green, or blue)

Don’t worry about windage and elevation adjustments since it is straightforward to manage all the stuff.

The scope offers you clean and nice image through the ocular lenses at the same time you need to know the limitation that is the image can become a little blurry after reaching 20X magnification level.

Besides all the unique features the sniper off an extended sunshade for this optical bell, which ultimately helps you to cut down on glare.

Let me say something about the field of view as the width goes down when the magnification turns a bit up, but the problem is, this is a well-known theme for any rifle optics. After all, this is highly comfortable for eye relief even in high distance shots.

As like as all other scopes, optics or red dot sights it has some limitation also which needs to be addressed with all other features.


As you came to know, managing a rifle scope isn’t as easy as you thought at the same time it is not difficult anyway. It differs which types you are indeed. Don’t be confused after seeing so many scopes; here you should only follow your need. I hope you are on the way to get useful stuff and way of finding the best scope for 308 rifles.

From the available options, I suggest you think about the Nikon M-308 Riflescope. I can assure you one thing for sure; it stands out for having top features and excellent performance. Which is Coming from Nikon, it should be easy for you to know it is a top model.

Finishing the Rounds of the Roundup

And I am not sure which scope wins? They all have their unique qualities. since the .308 is excellent at long ranges, a more extended range scope will be needed.

Few Common Questions I usually get from .308 rifle owner:

Whatever, below I have pointed out a few essential terms for you, after all, you are looking for the best scope for 308.

What power scope do I need for 300 yards?

Remembering the sharp profile of your .308 rifle, you have to make sure a range which can withstand the shock of recoil in the time of maintaining its zero. Therefore, remember one thing, when it is all about the most devastating recoil .308 rifle.

Fixed or Variable Power

As you know, there are all most two types of scope are available on the basic of magnification ability. One is Fixed, or another is Variable Power.

  • Variable Power

It doesn’t matter about the distance you are going to shoot When the scope allowed you to customize the magnification settings. Therefore, magnification variability depends on the type of shots you are thinking to get

  • Fixed Power

On the other hand, operating a fixed magnification is as simple as like that. You can manually set a restriction for different distance. Suppose, you think none of your shot taken more than 150 yards then. A 2.5X through the 5X fixed scope. Which will do the task?

Eye Relief,

Here is the truth, Keep your booth eyes open when shooting that’s the main things you have to be aware before selecting the best scope for .308 rifle. That’s why make sure an eye relief supported scope.

Hence, you have to select a scope which enables you to keep at least 3 or 4-inches distance from your eyes.

What is the most powerful rifle scope for A .308 Rifle?

Don’t allow your emotion when it is all about finding the best scope for you know there are so many colorful scopes are available online, beware!

Don’t try to ruin your expectation by getting an ordinary rifle scope as it will heal you’re targeting skill what you have now. As I told you earlier, I am talking from my experience.

I got so many unwanted experiences when I was looking for the best scope for my .308 rifle. Believe me or not, there are a few scopes are designed for the .308.

This is the big thing mainly nobody notices it, and that’s why people face a lot of difficulties when they go for the best attachment for their firearms.

Therefore, try to avoid those scopes or any hunting gears which are not correctly made for your rifle. Always try to achieve the exactly matched scope with your gun. It doesn’t matter whether it is your .308 rifle or anything else. Only take those accessories which were designed keeping your rifle in their mind.

What is the best magnification for long-range shooting?

Don’t do excessive research on the internet without having the proper guideline. There is so many others stuff you have to know otherwise it will kill your valuable time, and at the end of the day, you will get an ordinary rifle scope.

I am suggesting you because I have faced the same in my first attempt that’s why keeping all of you in my mind, I have done extensive research on the different hunting gears and scopes for 308 rifles. And all this stuff I do only to find an important target acquisition for the .308 cartridge.

Hence, you have to be specific at some point to avoid those things you don’t need. That’s why be determined and specific on what you are genuinely expecting from your rifle?

On the other hands, don’t skip the customization of your rifle scope you are about to buy. That’s why you have to be someone very expert in adjustments manually.

Notice the building quality carefully with the warranty approval before choosing the best scope for the .308 rifle.
Rest assured, you are going to meet with a dream rifle scope what exactly you are looking for. I tried my level best to expose every single relevant issue related to your scope and rifle.