The Best Rifle Scope Under $500-(Buyer’s Guide And Reviews-2019)

The Best Rifle Scope Under $500-(Buyer’s Guide And Reviews-2019)

The default rifle scope which comes with your rifle doesn’t recognize your expectation. Whatever, first thing first, allow me to clear you one thing first before moving to the next and pick the best rifle scope under $500. When it is all about your budget or you need a perfect hunting gear for your firearm?

As I think, A rifle scope under 500 dollars is enough to manage an excellent rifle scope, but at the same time. it is extremely challenging to reach a perfect rifle scope within this budget since thousands of poor-quality scopes are available out there.

Therefore, finding a perfect hunting gear, which genuinely measures your target ability, is complicated. That’s why you have to take your own decision to get the best rifle scope at a reasonable price, which truly weights you’re targeting skill and talent.

Quick Comparison Chart of The Best Rifle Scopes under $500

Keep in mind; a good firearm accessory, like a rifle scope or any other gears, boost up your target confidence five times better than ever before. I know many newcomers gun holders, they think to get rifle scope which offers all the innovative features together. well! But they don’t agree to spend money. Is it possible?

That’s why depends upon you, whether you want a perfect attachment for your rifle or take a weak rifle scope within 30 or 40 dollars.

What is the best rifle Scope for the budget?

In a moment, I am going to discuss the easiest way to find a powerful scope under 500 dollars or less than 500$.
In my career age, I got enough chance to use many expensive rifle scope.

Rifle Scopes for the Money

Honestly, I found many of them were bushtit. That’s why keep in mind; a scope is nothing but a metal tube with a lens. Nevertheless, you have to make your own choice unless you get the same unqualified scope. remember, there are different types of scopes are available out there. Like,

  • Target rifle scopes
  • Tactical scopes
  • Hunting Scopes

Types Of Rifle Scope

There’s quite a bit more, but let’s start with the easy stuff and then move ahead. Let’s assume you are looking for the best rifle scope for deer hunting. so, you have to know what types of scope meet the need for hunting deer. Isn’t it?

You will find a branch of scopes is available out there. Undoubtedly, none of them always serve the purpose well. That’s why to take the right scope which will be perfect for the use.

Hence, Different types of Long range or target scopes are available in the market, they are expensive and use for long-range shooting.

Hunting scopes are always considered a simple scope it is not as effective as the Tactical scope is. the tactical scope allows you to customize and adjustments for focus.

All they are the main divisions of different rifle scope I know. All these different rifle scopes use for different purpose. Therefore, I always recommend people to take a scope of not more than $500. They’re exceptional optics for the money. The main variations I noticed between a scope under $500 and $200, is the light transmission.

Expensive scopes ensure high magnification power that allows you to get the crystal clear view and high brightness. Basically, most of the top end rifle scopes give such kinds of magnification power.

Remember, A rifle needs to have particular features its. Don’t think that I am judging your quality; I know you are a good player and that’s why you need a whole best rifle scope under $500. A question may arise in your mind. That is,

What to look for in a rifle scope?

There’s quite a bit more, but let’s start with the easy stuff and then move into deeper. Look, as I told you earlier, your budget is good enough to find an excellent scope. Now, you need to know a lot of other stuff to manage the best scope. As I told you, there are thousands of fake and poor-quality scopes are available out there. I’m not saying all of our fakes but to be honest, most of them are.

Moreover, before making the extensive comparison, you need to know a few basic terms and condition. Whatever, we have made the task easy for you, not only considering your budget but also considered other factors as well. Unexpectedly we have a few best scopes nearer your budget. There are a few things you need to be clear before getting into the technical discussion. I hope you get back the right answer by asking those vital question.


What Magnification Do you need? First things first, as you know, magnification is one of the essential factors need to consider before reaching the final decision. That’s why you have to notice the lease very carefully. Does the sight allow you for customizing the brightness, using multi-coated lenses and is it allow you for transmitting the light or not? If you notice carefully you will see, few glasses tend to have high magnification although they are cheap.

Fixed or Variable

A good rifle scope always allows you to customize the scope for variable power scopes, at the same time the fixed one has a particular level of magnification. On the other hand, the fixed scope more straightforward, easy to run and have less magnification than variable power scopes. Hence, the variable power scopes are user adjustable since the fixed ones have a particular degree of magnification. Fixed scopes are more straightforward and have less magnification than changeable power scopes.


Not necessary to mention that the quality you expect it depends on the budget. That’s why you need to be flexible with your budget. Keep in mind; Affability is essential while you must agree to pay a decent price because the best scope may exceed your budget a bit high. Not sure, but it could be.

Therefore, I always recommend you to go for the popular hunting gears brand and make sure the best glass. However, be careful with cheap imitations of popular models.

Turrets and reticles

Whatever, I recommend ensuring an easily customizable tower because the turrets come with caps which are joined over the adjustments. Remember, the adjustment is significant here. That’s why you must make sure turrets that can be easily adjusted.

Central Tube

The inner tube of a rifle scope covers 1″, 30 millimeters or 34 millimeters in diameter. the rifles with large-diameter central cells which are heavy and do well when it is applied for long-distance targeting. That’s why always select ensure a water-proof and shockproof scope.

The basic features within the budget range?

I can assure, you will get well-performed scope within the budget range. But there are a few things you have to deal with. One of them is good judgment. No matter whether you are a professional hunter or an ordinary shooter. All the scopes what I’m talking about. they allow you to shoot at longer distances with more accuracy. And it will help you to boost your confidence extremely high.

As I found, most of the rifles come with cheap scopes that don’t do measure your skills. I don’t mean all of them are cheap scopes bad but to be honest, most of them are. So, there is an ideal way to manage a budget-friendly rifle scope. got enough time, did my research and finally caught the five best rifle scope under 500.

If you have enough budget, you might want to take a look at our round-up of the best rifle scope under 1000. If that’s true, you’ll want the best mil-dot scope under 500 dollars. we are here to aid you. Spending up to $500 on a rifle scope means you are truly investing in order to get solid quality and performance that matches your shooting and hunting style.

You will find so many scopes are available in the market from a different brand, choosing the right name among thousands of brand is little more tricky. I have a plan to surprise you with such a scope that will be your first and will be the last one which you need to buy for your AR-15 rifle. The result you will get must come from some of the great scopes.

To keep focused on the target, that’s why a rifle needs to have particular features. I recommend you to consider the following mentioned points before planning. However, You can expect everything from this scope what an ordinary scope doesn’t allow you. Moreover, your budget is good enough to buy an excellent scope, but you have to judge by your self.

I can assure you, all of my listed scopes are good enough to shoot at longer distances besides it helps your hand to be stronger than ever before. you know that choosing the best rifle scope is one of the most significant factors in determining.

Notably, the main advantage of a good scope is. it allows you to zoom in on your target, and precisely lock in exactly where you want to land your bullet. However, again I assure you 99.9%, you can expect almost all the advanced features from those scopes. what I’m going to introduce with you.

It better to mention you, don’t use this scope with any ordinary rifles like .22 LR or .308 rifle since the drop in the bullet is far too much to shoot at such long distances. I highly recommend you to use the scope with a .300 win mag or a .308 classical rifle since you already have a plan to shoot/hunt at different distances.

Why not buy a single scope more than $500?


Keeping the note in my mind; I will answer all the questions in my reviews section. that’s why, to know more secrets about different rifle scopes, stay with us till the end of the article. As you know, there is no limitation of the price. Price starts from $30 to $1000. Does it depend on how much you are willing to spending it? the answer is simply, yes. Depending on what types of scope you did use even using now.

Top 5 Best Rifle Scopes reviews under 500 Dollars

Here, I have made extensive research on the present market with my personal experiences. I have Mainly focused all the point mentioned in my short note listed here. And compared them with all the top end rifle scope individually.

When I did the research, I found common things point everywhere that is the price. Trust me, the price is not mandatory to get a perfect attachment, mandatory is your need. That’s why keeping your pocket-size in my mind, here I have compiled all the market best rifle scope. You will find all of them are very budget friendly. Let’s have a look over the following mentioned Best Rifle Scope Under 500 dollars:


I hope as like as me, you will all be surprised after knowing all the challenging features are offered by Nikon Monarch 3. It helps the Nikon Monarch to get its place just because of its uniqueness.

The Monarch line is one of the most popular items of Nikon’s optics which comes with the prostate at the mid-level and the Buckmasters at the low-end.

Mainly The Monarch is one of the most notable scope lines of Nikon which was designed to get the place like Minox ZA5 and Zeiss Conquests scope lines.

That’s why You can use the most versatile scope in the different range, no problem whether it’s long-range or short-range you are targeting for.

Most probably, Nikon Monarch is the first name offering you all the exclusive and unique features together. As it comes with flip-up covers which helps you to get clear and incredibly sharp sight picture between dawn and dusk. And everything makes it possible because the scope ensures up to 95% light transmission capability.

I don’t feel sure, whether you are a beginner or abide shooter, maybe you already familiar with so many latest scopes. However, I assure you, nobody can offer you scopes under $500 with a magnification power of 16x which makes the scope great to go everywhere.

The lightweight’s scope does not feel you bother, even when you walking ten miles long a day to track a herd of elk.
Another important thing you need to know, the sight could take a minimum of 4 clicks to get zero within four rounds. at first hand, you may find little difficulties. That’s it.

Whatever, you may take a step to start out at 50 yards, then moved back to 100 yards and then to 200 yards. I hope you will get a very serious shoot at that point. It’s okay to make you pleased.

I get touched with so many life users, all they gave a positive response about Nikon scope and subjected people to check it for once in your life.

You will forget to change scope for your rifle after getting this one. Rest assured, No way to get any blurry or unclear view from this scope. The clarity exists all the way to the edge of the sight image.

As a user, you can easily customize zoom with magnification from the shooter’s place which helps to take over all control on your hands.

Yukon Nvrs Tactical 2.5X50

This is Yukon Nvrs Tactical 2.5X50 scope, where You can quickly detect your target in low light conditions and get enough focusing power to size up targets up to 220 yards distance. Best  Night Vision Riflescope

At the same time, 2.5X night vision magnification makes the target big and bright enough to hit even in dark situations. Yukon Nvrs comes with the titanium body. therefore durability makes the sight desirable and lightweight, which helps you to prevent any unwanted environment, besides it can even outlast the rifle itself.

Furthermore, The Yukon Nvrs Tactical ensure customizable lit, red-on-green reticle on the scope to get maximum accuracy with user-friendly nature.

Undoubtedly, the scope is highly secured comparing with other top end rifle scopes. You can expect a very crystal clear vision within 100 yards at night without an ambient light source. In the meantime, I can say you the product comfortably was the prime focus of this product. I got the proof. You are welcome to mount it on almost any rifle in the world without getting any trouble.

If I note the basic features of the scope as it uses titanium to build the body structure. Besides the scope ensures high-frequency contrast features. On the other hand, The 2.5x magnification ensures perfect detail on the target from a distance.

Keep in mind the rifle scope comes with its carry the case. Moreover, The built-in IR illuminators offer high-grade battery life than expected. All these are the basic features of this scope.

Leupold 115370 Mark AR MOD

Leupold is one of the most popular and familiar brands for the perfect rifle scope. So, you can reserve a few Best Rifle Scopes Under $500 from the Leupold. I have listed Leupold 115390 Mark AR MOD 1 Riflescope from there.

I get into touched with this model and found the scope ensure high-quality anodized aluminum tube which makes the scope incredibly durable.

Undoubtedly, You can go everywhere with this scope since the scope is hugely shocks of recoil, unlike other scopes.

As a shooter, you can keep your both eyes open when shooting with this Leupold product when the sight ensured a wide view of the target because it uses 40mm lens.

Which makes your shooting experience awesome. you can customize the magnification setting from 3-9, which gives you enough tweaking to get the perfect view from distances.

The unique 4 layer coating enables you to get extremely accurate shots in both long and close range. Another scope may offer you the same, but not exactly you get what you deserve. Undoubtedly this one offers you better comparing with another higher end scopes in the market.

Vortex Viper PST 1-4×24

No need to mention the significant background of the Vortex brand, maybe you have hard more than thousands of time. Yes, this is Vortex Viper PST, an excellent product of this brand.

I can assure you, After getting the touch of this scope on your hand, the Vortex Viper PST 1-4×24 Riflescope, quality catch your mind for a moment, you feel very confident.

However, Extremely durable the Vortex Viper PST uses aircraft grade aluminum to build the body structure with 30mm tube which gives a permanent feel.

On the other hand, using High-quality lenses with XD glass which assure crystal clear and bright view of your target. XD glass improves the color and resolution of the target as well.

Don’t worry about light transmission of this sight since it has its own patented multi-coated XR lens.

Whatever, Needless to say, you can take the scope anywhere you want when the scope ensures 100% protection against fog, shock, and water.

The scope even performs deadly accurate under any foggy condition as the manufacturers filled it with argon to prevent fogging.

Firefield FF16001 NVRS 3x 42mm Gen 1

As I told you earlier, All the scopes are not the same. Different types of scope are available on the market for a different reason. No scopes are valuable when you cannot able to see through it?

As I say, enough light extremely important to make sure your target acquisition, but the line is not right for all scopes. For example, the Firefield FF16001.

The excellent budget-friendly sight ensures crystal clear view even in the dark. Therefore, this is one of the best night vision scopes within such budget.

For the night vision using this one would be your best choice among all another existing scope for using in dark environment. Using high power IR illumination makes everything possible.

However, As a shooter, you have 100% freedom to change the optics and switch any others brand. Therefore, the weaver mounting system of this scope allows you to easy switching.

On the other hand, The scope comes with excellent, excellent battery duration but it depends on your consumption, the battery life is even longer without the IR.