The Best Rifle Scope Under 300-Buyer Guide & Reviews-2019

The Best Rifle Scope Under 300-Buyer Guide & Reviews-2019

Think out of the box, don’t let your ability limit by taking ordinary rifle scope which doesn’t consider your ability indeed. Therefore, I am assuring you very confidently; your budget is pretty good for collecting the best rifle scope under 300.

First of all, unbox your desire. Along with your budget, A lot of others stuff remain out there. You must have the mentality to face them before selecting the scope under $300.

So, as a professional marksman and passionate shooter, I always suggest people. Set your need first as per as your rifle condition. Here is the point, without having enough practices and practical experience of different hunting gears. it is nearly impossible to manage an outstanding rifle scope, optics or red dot sight whatever you say.

Quick Comparison Chart of The Best Rifle Scopes Under $300

What is the best rifle scope brand?

In this article, I have shared one of my personal experience of using different rifle scopes within 300. Frankly saying, this is not the only optics I used rather, I have used more than one top end rifle scopes. , I suggest you stay with us until the end of this article. I hope you will get some authentic values after reading the full informative article.

I tried my level best to include all the useful and relevant information with the recent updates. It will help you to reach your best decision and help you to find the best rifle scope for the price.

That’s why I would highly recommend you to take your own query as long as you meet your desired expectation. I say everything has its own strategy. that’s why you have to be someone like a genius gunman as like as pointing your rifle on target when shooting. I hope you got my point.

There is nothing I love more than hunting & shooting, this is my passion, and it will be. Whatever, nobody likes a scope that won’t have all the bells and whistles?. Don’t give up hope as long as you read the rest of my reviews on.

What is the best budget for a rifle scope?

300 dollars is my recommended amount for the long-range target but there are few scopes which are highly cost-effective and quality full.

Whatever, don’t think I’m not trying to sell my gear. However, Your budget is a bit higher than my one. Whatever, let me share one hidden secret with you guys. Actually, I have a plane to take a rifle scope under $1000, and again I will back here to share my ongoing experience.

Best Rifle Scope Under 300
Best Rifle Scope Under 300

Surprised! Listen to me first. I am not sure whether it will remain only my dream or happens in life. The budget is the things which matter for all. But don’t know that is.

There’s quite a bit more about this issue, so let’s start with several brand name and manufacturers, like Nikon, Leupold, Vortex, Bushnell and many more. So, let’s start with easy stuff and then move into the hardest area.

How to manage long-range rifle scope under $300?

Don’t lose your confidence before even playing with a mid-range rifle scope. On the other hand, the beginners are not recommended to get started with the riflescope like this. there are few more low-quality gears are available out there. if you are someone using the first more gears, you may see them.

Allow me to me clear one thing before touching into the main point. Keep in mind; it will not be good practice to expect a top end rifle scopes within the price. Although thousands of low-quality scopes are available there for ordinary people. They don’t give you good value.

best rifle scope under 200
rifle scope under 200

If you are someone, agree to spend more than 300$. Like the best rifle scope under 500, or even more then I suggest you better to check out my another review article on the same topic.

Moreover, the best rifle scope under 300$ is good enough for a decent rifle scope which provides reasonable quality.
And the last thing about your budget, 300$ is pretty good for the casual hunter, but I don’t recommend it for professional.

Because as a professional I know better than, if you feel interested then take a look at my different articles where I discussed my favorite gear under $500.

On the other hand, your experience of playing with different firearms, scopes, pistol, and different hunting gears will help to get a decent rifle gear.

What range do you need?

Please, keep these rough measurements in mind:

  • Long Range: 400 yards and above
  • Medium Range: 200– 349 yards
  • Close Range: Under 200 yards

Top 5 Reviews Of The Best Rifle Scopes Under 300

As I mentioned earlier, I have done extensive research on different optics and scopes. All they were less than 300 dollars, besides all the best rifle scope under 300 dollars. I keep listed most of the notable scopes within your budget.
Frankly saying I didn’t use them all but most of them I get in touched and found their right effectively in the field.
So let’s go step by steps discussion on different best rifle scope under 300. I hope a decent rifle scope is waiting for you so let’s move ahead with the first one.

Leupold VX-2 3-9x40mm

I am not sure, whether you are familiar with the name or not. Yes, I’m talking about the famous brand “Leupold”. As you know, Leupold is one of the most familiar and reputed band name udders this industry. Whatever here I am going to talk about the “Leupold” VX-2 3-9x40mm. This is another excellent rifle scope I have ever seen.

However, before touching each nuts and bolts, let me tell you few hidden secrets of this scope. One is the magnification. The extent comes with supper magnification power. Where you will get the lowest magnification is 3x. I think 3x magnification is ideal for short range shooting or targeting.

On the other hand, short-range magnification. the highest magnification power is 12x. There is one thing remaining that you need to know. When you select a target acquisition range within 12x, which can be tripled to 9x for accuracy shots if it is mid-range.

Secondly the turrets. You need to know about the turrets which are extremely comfortable to use. It allows you to make your precision adjustment.

Thirdly, multi-coated leans. yes, the multi-coated leans is another notable feature of this scope which will take your attention. I can assure you the scope is fully safe from fog and water. It doesn’t matter if you have a plane to abuse your scope, it can tolerate your abuse.

Wide field of view. You can focus on your target and hold your focus area attentively, even after heavy recoil. And all this thing make it possible because of holding the lockable eyepiece. It could be a reason to consider the scope for your rifle as this is a big issue when you go with heavy recoil.

Unbox the want a little question may arise in your head about this scope, what Is the most notable and outstanding things comes with this scope? I am not sure whether the features come with this scope is outstanding or not, but I’m sure one thing that is, you are getting an excellent scope for the price.

Here you are getting all the available features within your budget range. Overall, this scope is extremely valued for you and it would be the best rifle scope under 300.

Bushnell Trophy Xtreme X30 6-24×50

Let me introduce you with another excellent rifle scope that is Bushnell Trophy Xtreme. Yes, this is a Bushnell product. I get in touch with so many Bushnell products, and they were deadly accurate.

Whatever, let me say something about the Bushnell trophy Xtreme Riflescope, Which is another impressive rifle range.

No other brand can offer such a rifle optics within 300$. But I don’t know, how the Bushnell Trophy can offer this one within the price. Price friendly took my attention first. That’s the price friendliness. Highly cost affordable besides it has a clear benefit in bringing a 30mm tube.

These are genuinely appreciable within the price range yet hundreds of others feature remain unknown as long as you don’t touch it in your life. Positive using experience is another fact.

Second of all excellent view in low light condition. The scope comes with a large 50mm objective lens. Using the device in the right way will take your shooting experience on a different level.

Thirdly, As like as other top end gear,  the Bushnell Trophy Xtreme allows you to customize manually. You can manually adjust your target range since it comes with a massive magnification power.

That’s why I would like to say the Bushnell Trophy Xtreme comes with its unique features. For example, For example, HD rain guard.

The quality of glass lenses with the coating and this is the reason behind the excellent clear view. It provides crystal clear image.

It doesn’t matter whether the surrounding conditions are favorable to you or not. Your scope remains clear. It doesn’t have any issue with rain or fog.

As far as I come to know it was designed for the hunters as it doesn’t have any issues with its external protection. The scope is fully shockproof.

You can easily mount the scope on your rifle without dealing with a single problem. Although heavy recoil is a regular duty for the device.

Excellent eye relief is one of the reasons to select the scope. You need to know; the scope ensures 3.6 inches focal point. Which is good enough for rifles shooting with heavy recoil. You can keep you both eyes open when targeting on any objects.

Let me tell you about the building quality of this scope. As far as I came to know nobody yet come back with the scope because of its solid build quality.

Besides the larger tube and large objective size which make the scope pretty heavy. The total size is measured around 14 inches in length.

Keep in mind, the full adjustments of this scope are being performed in 0.125-inch additions and a side parallax focus.

On the other hands, the windage and the elevation corrections are straightforward and easy to use any way you prefer. It allows s you for sharp adjustment.

That’s why in the end, I would highly recommend you to take Bushnell into your consideration. It is highly affordable and offers you all the top end features and quality.

Nikon PROSTAFF 5 2.5-10×40 BDC

Is there anybody who doesn’t know about NIKON? I don’t know! Whatever here I am going to introduce you with another market best rifle scope Nikon ProStaff 5 2.5-10×40.

First thing first, in a movement I’m going to play with magnification. Lets hit the main point why I kept this one in my reviews list? Actually, after gazing the magnification power, I was surprised for the first time. Even it is higher magnification than the first two scopes I told you already about them.

Therefore, I can assure you very confidently about the Nikon gear. As you know the Nikon is also well-reputed brand under gun accessories. Naturally, your want should grow a bit high when it is all about the Nikon brand. is it? Yes, this one also ensured cooling reliability with excellent quality.

It ensures great display view since the scope is super bright and sharp. You can’t imagine how crystal clear the picture of this scope.

You don’t need to be worried about the internal and external security of this rifle scope. Fully multi-coated layers of anti-reflective and anti-fog compounds ensured most external protection.

The scope even doesn’t bother you for adjusting the problem when it is straightforward and precise to make any adjustment. You can manually customize the scope the way you prefer most.

The same way I can explain thousands of my happy experiences, but you guys have to be determined first, are the requirements meet your expectation? If you find any reason you should consider this one, then I highly recommend you for this one. That’s why I would like to say. This is a fantastic rifle scope under $300 range.

Vortex Diamondback 4-12×40

Everything’s has its strategy. You will find not a single accessories can be compared with the vortex diamondback Riflescope. therefore I recommend the Vortex Diamondback rifle scope for high-performance. But I don’t recommend it for long-range shooting. The rifle scope is very much suitable for medium range shots.

You can customize the magnification power between 4x to 12x. You can balance the magnification which helps to get your target acquisition deadly accurate.

Then you need to know about the lenses which are completely multi-coated and it comes with vortex’ proprietary cover. However, all these layers are designed to enhance the light transmission and diminish the light reflection off of the lens.

So you can use the scope anywhere you prefer whether the light condition is low or high it doesn’t matter at all. It automatically takes the light whatever it needs. The coatings are formulated like that.

Furthermore, you need to know about durability. As the tube of this device is made from great-quality aircraft-grade aluminum. It doesn’t matter if you have any plane to survive in harsh conditions during your prevent the scope from fogging up internally the tube is fully loaded with argon gas

On the other hand, different power-driven side of the scope which are extremely precise and correct. it must properly correct for adjusting the windage and elevation depending on the range.

That’s why scope would add an excellent value for you if you’re looking for a hunting or targeting scope for medium to long-range targeting. It offers outstanding optics within the budget range. That’s why it would be the best rifle scope under 300

Mueller 8-32 x 44mm target

There is no limitation of quality, what quality you will get that is determined how much you are ready to pay for a metal scope. Isn’t it?

You cannot compare the device with any others considering the budget range. Whatever I can assure you this one offers you everything whatever’s a hunter can expect from a rifle scope. There are very few scopes are comparable with this one. That’s why I strongly recommend you for Mueller 8-32 x 44mm Target Rifle Scope.

The same way I would highly recommend you this one only because of higher magnification power. So if you are someone desired for long-range shooting, then this one would be your great option .the excellent gear comes with great magnification for long range hunters. If you are someone is interested in long-range shooting then this one is a good option for you.

No other scope can be compared with this one considering the cost-effective of this scope. Don’t worry about its protection as the scope was solidly built and used high-end optics materials. On the other hand, the impressive scope offers a 44 mm lens with a 30 mm tube. That’s why it is standard for long-range optics but the same way it is tough to find scope within the price range.

You are allowed manually customize the range as per your need.  You can adjust settings for windage and elevation, besides you can easily manage the magnification by the same process. Whatever, let me tell you about the lens of this scope. As it is fully multi-coated for anti-glare and provides a crystal-clear image of your target. It doesn’t matter what magnification level is.

On the other hand, the bigger size lens and tube diameters allow you to get the highest light transmission. Even it enables you to target excellent in low-light condition.


It doesn’t matter how many rifle scope you are targeting for but finding a perfect attachment for your firearms is a big thing. Probably that’s why you are failing again. However, you have already seen all the top end scope for rifle within 300 dollars so you better pick any of them if it meets your need.

As I mentioned about the scope since the Mueller is an excellent gear for long-range shooting, but I think you will not prefer to use the scope when you try to shot on rather short distances. But overall it is the best rifle scope under 300

As a firearms holder, you deserve an excellent rifle scope, and that’s why you can’t go wrong when you’re looking for a solid medium-range scope even your budget is also reasonable.