The Best Gun Holster-Gun Holster Reviews (2019)

The Best Gun Holster-Gun Holster Reviews (2019)

As a novice handgun owner, Everything depends on your awareness whether you should put your gun within a holster or not. Nobody should keep a firearm in pants without enough concealment as well as security. There are so many gun owners don’t prefer to carry a holster around all the time. Don’t you think that Holster is more than just a tactical gear as it does not only protect our pistol but also everyone around you? Therefore, There are two ways to do that safely – either duct tape the gun to yourself or get a holster.

Quick Comparison Chart Of The Gun Holsters

Why gun holster is needed?

First of all, having the right holster keeps your handgun secured. As the holsters were initially made for military and security bodies as they are now an important accessory to handgun users globally.

Everything has its own strategy. Different types of pistols can be safely housed and easily transported. A holster is an interface between your gun and your body and it’s undoubtedly a vital piece of gear – not just an addition to your tactical kit.

For the most part, a holster makes things a lot safer. Hence, they keep the gun from dropping and more importantly, they usually protect the trigger, both of which help prevent accidental discharge. besides, it makes sure your hunting handgun remains in the same place all the time.

How to get an adjustable holster?

For someone just starting out, trying to choose among the best gun holsters can be a bit overwhelming. Choosing the best gun holsters matters more than many gun holders realize. A holster is a part of your hunting gear but many people don’t realize the importance of that part, and it simply slips past them.

So to make sure you’re not one of the many to tell others they should have picked the higher quality holster. Therefore, before taking any step you need to understand the variable aspects of holsters, to begin with. You can save yourself a good deal of this trouble by keeping the following factors in mind as you make your purchase when looking for best gun holsters.

What Factors Should Consider For A Holster?

Keep thing simple as the holster is designed in such a way that it can protect handgun, secure its retention, and give easy access to it. They are particularly designed to be used with one hand, allowing the handgun to be removed and/or replaced with the same hand.

A leather holster is basically attached to your belt or waistband or clipped to another article of clothing. They are designed with a few goals in mind: security, access, concealment, and one-hand re-holstering ability.


Security for a pistol is must be needed. Therefore, the right holster should hold the handgun in place while you’re moving, or upside down, running, or while you get in and out of cars. The holster must hold the firearm adequately and it must allow it to fit securely within, without constricting the ability to draw the weapon or return it back to the holster. You’re not going to spend your life sitting still, and you aren’t standing still either when in a fight.


The holster is supposed to allow for easy access so that you can easily withdraw the weapon with one hand and put it back to safety with one hand. It must give easy access to your weapon in a short span of time even in compromised situations, like when you’re rolling around the ground or while jumping off or strapped in a car seat. Furthermore, your weapon should always be in a stable situation, so that the draw can be hassle-free and consistent under stress.


It allows you to have the element of surprise when responding to an attacker who’s threatening you with force. A gun is remarkably less dangerous in the hands of someone who handles it properly even under uncomfortable circumstances. Therefore you should keep in mind that you owe it to yourself and others to decrease the risk of your carry. Additionally, it helps prevent those unfortunate situations when your handgun could be accidentally exposed to the public who may immediately call for law enforcement officers because they see a person with a gun.

One-Hand Re-holstering 

The ability to re-holster one-handed while still focusing on the threat (a less lethal response) is important. One hand re-holstering ability comes in handy when your hands will be tied up for carrying pistol. Remember, the ability to re-holster one-handed is absent in holsters made of thin, floppy material. So choose wisely before you make the final decision.

Holsters Types

The most popular variety is obviously the inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster which rides inside of your waistband between your undergarment and your pants. As they attach to the belt with loops or hooks. These are the most concealed types of holsters, but must trousers that are about an inch more in the waist that you normally wear.

A summer special type IWB has the rough side of the leather on the outside to help keep the holster anchored in one place. Belt-positioning of an IWB holster varies based on personal preference.


The draw should be consistent and reliable. The holster must lend itself allowing you to have a complete grip on your weapon while still allowing releasing any retention devices. Well, you also need consistency to want to have a fast, smooth draw.

Drawing your gun is directly connected to how you holster your gun and how to move through the draw depends entirely on where you draw your gun from. The clothing you wear each day will likely need different holsters to worn in different ways with different styles.


There are many kinds of retention devices available on concealment holsters which usually involve one or more digits of the drawing hand releasing as the gun is drawn. A poorly fitting holster might cause problems with everyday use which could dislodge the pistol from the holster. You need to be able to use your gun in a hurry if there’s even the slightest possibility of an assailant attacking you with deadly force. your life or that of another person depends on it.

The level of retention is entirely up to you, but generally, a level 1 – or friction retention holster – would be a great choice for anyone who carries a pistol inside the waistband. In simple terms. If your holster has a thumb break retention strap, you may need to stretch the strap before you get it to snap.

Holding grip

A holster that doesn’t grip properly and comfortably isn’t worth wearing at all so that when something unexpected happens, you don’t want to add a loose weapon to the equation. A loose holster can be useful at times, but you won’t appreciate your gun flying around while dodging bullets, or because you just tripped or jumped. Also, make sure you get a full firing grip when the gun is in the holster. This way, you don’t need to adjust the grip each time you draw your weapon.


The quality of workmanship and the materials used in the making of a holster – this is the area where you can see the most variety of differences between manufacturers. The build quality is perhaps the area that needs your full attention.

The last thing you need is a terribly designed holster. The leather is by far the most popular choice among armed citizens. High-quality holsters from the renowned companies are generally of good quality, and custom-made holsters are generally the top-quality holsters made from all the industry-grade materials.


Last but not least, comfort in the feel of the beholder. The right holster not only provides an ideal concealment solution but also allows for quick access to your firearm with ease. It doesn’t matter how wonderful your holster looks on the outside or how it feels on the hands if it’s not comfortable you are not going to wear it. So make sure you’re comfortable with a holster before you make your purchase.

Top 10 Best Gun Holsters Reviews

Some specifically designed holster will make it easier for you to carry your weapon. They come in various shapes and sizes, designed for all kinds of body types. However, we’ve focused on only the best holsters you can get your hands on.

Smith & Wesson

I don’t see any necessity to introduce with the brand name as the holster is perfect for both hands. it doesn’t matter either you place the holster in left or right. On the other hand, Smith & Wesson is extraordinary since the passage level inside-the-belt cowhide holster for expert covering and most extreme agreeableness. On the other hand, the non-formed structure gives it an incredible fit for inside the belt hid convey without including any more mass. Moreover, the ultra-delicate malleable calfskin won’t scrape upon your skin for easy ordinary conveying all while giving better firearm security than the hardest of conditions.

  • Genuine-quality leather

It takes all about quality leather to make the best gun holster as the holster is made of genuine-quality leather that is delicate and all around sewed for a protected fit. The excellent soft leather is sensitive against your body, which is pleasant and remains set up.

  • Cost and Value

For an incredible quality cowhide hostler that is delicate, secure and remains set up, this Smith and Wesson handgun holster is at a brilliant cost. Its esteem is high and the cost won’t burn up all available resources.

  • Extreme comfort

Comfort is the key when carrying a concealed weapon and this versatile Pro Carry LT handgun holster delivers. It is built to do and designed for perfection. So, if those are some of your standards, then this is your holster.

Pros in short:

  • Designed for comfortable carry
  • Finest Inside the Waistband Clip-on
  • Durability and versatility
  • Superior weapon protection
  • Left and right-handed users
  • concealed carry for low-profile tactical use

Cons in short:

  • Holster might seem a little sloppy

Uncle Mike’s Inside-The-Pant

Uncle Mike’s Inside-the-pant holster is a flexible expansion to a position of safety strategic weapons store for prevalent gun security and disguised convey. The 4-layer, super-meager overlay configuration fits inside the jeans for effective and agreeable covered convey. This is extraordinary for CCW license owners who have their pistol near their body for brisk access and basic developments.

  • Nice soft-wicking material

The calfskin outside makes an incredible fit and looks staggering on this handgun holster while the dampness boundary wicks the dampness far from your gun or pistol. The holster remains dry, looks pleasant and feels extraordinary.

  • Cost and Value

Regardless of whether you are correct or left given, you will love this holster. In the event that you don’t love it for its pleasant look and agreeable structure, you unquestionably will at its inconceivable ease point.

  • No bulk

It’s perfectly thin and not bulky. This Uncle Mike’s handgun holster is essentially unnoticeable inside the waistband with the gun butt probably being the only exception. Regardless, it is not bulky.

Pros in short:

  • Versatile inside-the-waistband holster
  • Durable And great fit
  • 4-layer ultra-thin laminate
  • Comfortable carry
  • Quickdraw and re-holstering
  • Moisture barrier

Cons in short:

  • Weight distribution is heavier above the belt line

Barsony Gun OWB

As I mentioned earlier there is a solid holster as the Barsony OWB is an exclusively custom-made hid convey holster for prevalent weapon security both in the field and in the shooting range.  The holster is made of selective U.S. Cowhide calfskin. the Barony is intended to flawlessness. The absence of solace is, for the most part, the reason individuals don’t lean toward OWB hid convey. however, on account of Barsony, you’re covered divert misfortunes stay miles from you.

  • Premium quality

This Barsony OWB handgun holster is a premium quality holster that is ideal for everyday concealed carry or for everyday carry. That means that it is perfect for any type of handgun carrier.

  • Maximum comfort

Not exclusively does this handgun holster take into account a snappy and simple draw yet it likewise does that with the greatest solace. You should simply tie it on and continue ahead with your instructional class in the range or wear it day by day for self-protection.

  • Cost and Value

On the other hand, this Barsony handgun holster is totally reasonable. It is high-caliber and sufficiently agreeable for regular convey, making it profoundly profitable at minimal effort.

Pros in short:

  • Solid construction
  • Looks sharp
  •  Offers a quick draw
  • Secures weapon
  • Great for the price

Cons in short:

  • Simple design, you get what you pay for

UTG LE Grade

The position of safety structure and ability to use both hands properly to convey unmatched weapon assurance and unrivaled hold in the adaptable as the UTG LE multi-reason handgun holster. It makes an excellent fit for close insurance and low-profile strategic tasks. The sidearm fits cozily in seconds for brisk access and re-holstering. The superb engineered material is flimsy and lightweight yet tough for outrageous conditions.

  • Stays secure

The gun remains hid safely in this holster. It is planned with the goal that it won’t work out, gratitude to the snare and circle conclusion thumb break lashes for an ability to use both hands holster.

  • Cost and Value

You can verify this handgun holster for one of the most minimal value focuses on this rundown. In the event that you don’t have a clue where, to begin with, your first one. this is an incredible decision, to begin with that. you don’t give it a shot for the incredible characteristics, the value point is visible.

  • Great fit

The universal design gives it great access for CCW permit holders for improved concealed carry. The best part, it comes with an extra magazine holder attachment allowing you to discreetly carry extra magazines for emergency situations.

Pros in short:

  • Synthetic material for durability
  • Enhanced concealment
  • Light padding for comfortable using
  • Adjustable Velcro Snaps
  • Customizable belt loops
  • weapon protection
  • Universal design fits most pistols

Cons in short:

  • No cons

CCW IWB Premium Buffalo

This is one of the most notable holsters for an overweight gun as the Buffalo Hide calfskin. The holster is extremely lightweight and extraordinary fit for any revolver. On the other hand, the imminent CCW license holders who might need a position of safety strategic apparatus. It takes into account snappy draws and simple re-holstering for better concealment in a wide range of circumstances. It works extraordinarily with practically all self-loading rifles without having to re-holster for effective camouflage.

  • Great concealment

This is a fine inside-the-belt covering holster perfect for right-gave clients who might not want to re-holster their sidearm much of the time. Besides, it doesn’t include any more mass so you’d quit all the time both on and off the field.

  • Excellent trigger coverage

This strong hand-created handgun holster highlights fantastic trigger inclusion. The solid cowhide offers full security and this wellbeing highlight loans genuine feelings of serenity while you wear your firearm in your belt.

  • Cost and Value

This handgun holster is handmade, secure and comfortable. It is an extraordinary partner for the majority of the most famous size weapons. Best of all, you can get it at an astounding cost.

Pros in short:

  • Comfortable leather
  • Adjustable for medium and large-sized handguns
  • Superior hold and trigger coverage
  • Ideal for IWB concealed carry

Cons in short:

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Not sturdy enough

Taigear Belt Loop

Let me tell you about tiger belt loop holster as it is a low profile holster. Any way you consider the Taigear Belt Loop holster is well-known for conceal carry of a handgun. therefore it is the answer for irregular shooters. Therefore the holster is recommended for those who expect decent protection when they keep firearms with them. There is a niche belt attachment which helps for the perfect fit for medium-sized pistol or handgun (up to 8 inches). There is no such example that the low-profile device provides proper concealment and comfortable access for a civilian carry weapon.

  • No bulk

It doesn’t feel you bulky hence you can hide your pistol without realizing any bulky.  On the other hand, it allows you to carry extra mags.

  • Cost and Value

There are very handful holster can offer the price as it does, therefore, i think it is a budget-friendly price. Hence,it would be a reliable price for civilian carry or anyone looking for a cheap holster for a handgun.

  • Belt loop attachment

With all other common features the belt loop attachment option available with this holster which allows you to get easy access to your reforms. It doesn’t feel you uncomfortable to grab your handgun with this shot-ready holster.

Pros in short:

  • Ideal for low-profile tactical use
  • Private concealed carry
  • friendly price
  • quickdraw and re-holstering
  • Large magazine pocket easily holds extra magazines
  • Ideal for medium-sized sidearm

Cons in short:

  • The strap might be problematic
  • Not ideal for long handguns

Depring Concealed Carry Holster

This handgun holster keeps your most loved gun near the body inside the jeans for a brisk draw and simple re-holstering, or outside for snappy accessibility.

It’s a general fit holster so it’ll fit pretty much anything you attempt to get in a bad place. It’s likewise able to use both hands so it’ll hang off your left hip as effectively as the right.

  • Universal adjusting

This holster is made to safely hold your handgun near your body. It is customizable with the goal that you could have the correct draw plot for fast activity inevitably. It likewise will hold pretty much any firearm you can envision, from Ruger to Glock, to Beretta’s it’ll fit stuck in an unfortunate situation.

  • Cost and Value

This Deering includes some significant pitfalls run that shifts. Be that as it may, what doesn’t fluctuate is its prominent highlights. You will feel safe wearing this holster to cover your gun.

  • Silent Draw

It has unique elastic retention straps with a strong snap button that’ll not only keep your gun secure but also make sure a quiet silent draw if you need to keep things quiet.

Pros in short:

  • Universal Fit
  • Fits Inside or Outside Pants
  • Silent Draw
  • Durable Construction
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Elastic Retention Straps

Cons Pros in short:

  • Too Flimsy


This holster is a hard core and simple to-utilize camouflage holster idealized by the Blackhawk’s most progressive SERPA Technology.

The CQC Serpa is worked to flawlessness. It is intended to convey unmatched weapon security and a safe hold for your covered convey with no activity required. It does the majority of this without breaking your famous bank.

  • Quick-draw

With this holster, you will most likely get your brisk draw on. It encourages a fast and successful illustration movement taking into consideration simple openness without including any more mass.

  • Cost and Value

Truly, this handgun holster is a pricier one on the rundown, yet fortunately, it is still madly reasonable. What’s more, not just that, it has astounding highlights like a snappy draw movement and a rock solid yet lightweight structure that you will love.

  • Long-lasting performance

In addition, it’s made out of heavy-duty polymer and carbon fiber for lasting use and superior performance making it an ideal choice for both civilian carry and range use.

Pros in short:

  • SERPA technology
  • Efficient retention system
  • Quickdraw
  • Audible click upon upholstering
  • Durable
  • Easy concealment holster
  • Auto lock release

Cons in short:

  • Small and stealth
  •  Lacks comfort

Alpha Holster

Let me introduce the alpha holster as it is a mindful CCW grant holder. There is no confusion that the holster is for secure covered convey inspite of your security however for people around you. Somehow it is said that the solid holster is basic to safely convey your disguised sidearm.

Moreover, The AlphaHolster conveys for the majority of your needs. On the other hand, There is one more reason to accept the holster for strategic use. The AlphaHolster effectively folds over your belly over the waistline enabling you to easily shroud different handguns under the garments for the snappy draw.

  • Concealed, snug fit

Doesn’t make a difference if you’re wearing a tucked-in shirt or golf T-shirt, the AlphaHolster makes conveying handguns a breeze. It’s splendidly intended to fit any medium or huge estimated sidearm cozily effortlessly without including any additional mass.

  • Durable & Lightweight

With this holster, you can likewise convey save mags in the holders. Indeed, even with the extra mags, it’s lightweight yet solid enough to beat the hardest of conditions. Moreover, it keeps sweat off the body while in a hurry.

  • Cost and Value

With this holster you will pay a small piece more than others on this rundown, in any case, you will pick up a ton more. You can’t beat having the capacity to wear this holster on your body easily, without mass and with all that you need.

Pros in short:

  • Ideal for both left and right hand
  • Lightweight and durable
  •  Fit and secure hold
  • For medium and large-sized handguns
  • Easily carry up to three spare mags
  • Highly functional belly gun holster
  •  Tactical use and civilian concealed carry

Cons in short:

  • Hard to conceal under most clothing
  • Belly gets sweaty

Condor Tornado

Including a position of safety yet a simple to-utilize plan, the adaptable Condor Tornado Tactical Weapon Holster is your optimal go-to strategic rigging. It is completely flexible to fit cozily with practically any standard size sidearm even with optic connections, such as, laser sights and spotlights. It fits practically all sidearms easily without including any more mass so that to give fast draw movement in addition to re-holstering with optics connected.

  • Roomy and ready holster

This holster includes a customizable magazine pocket on the front to convey more mags if necessary. It makes an extraordinary fit for covered convey for low-profile strategic activities just as range use.

  • Comfortability

Alongside being ample, this holster productively utilizes snare and circle conclusion ties to hold opposite sides of the thumb break for better maintenance.

  • Cost and Value

By and large, this holster is an incredible incentive for your cash. It is amazingly easy to understand item at an unsurpassable cost. It is a fine expansion to your strategic rigging.

Pros in short:

  • Efficient wrap-around
  • design for easy carry
  • Fully adjustable
  • Better retention system
  • Adjustable magazine pouch for extra mags
  • Quickdraw
  • upholstering for right-hand users
  • High-quality materials
  • Durable construction
  • Ideal for range use

Cons in short:

  • Medium quality
  • Not so handy for civilian concealed carry

The Final Word

Actually, nothing will happen until you feel the holster can help you to carry pistol more securely and comfortably. After all, choosing a holster is absolutely a personal preference. I don’t know any particular holster, which can meet all the criteria. Think out of the box, put your self into a professional gun owner when comfort is the key and primary want for most of the cases. Indeed, Carrying a handgun with holster support you to move anywhere. Therefore I recommend you to focus more on comfortably. you should let it balance with your body at least for two weeks before making a single change. it may sound funny but the same things happened with me as forgot a 9mm pistol is being carried with me because it was kept in right place, therefore, the gun didn’t bother me feeling me bad sanction.

Remember, the best benefit of any holster is the truth that you can carry a pistol or handgun in the holster. Therefore you shouldn’t buy multiple gun holsters only for concealment. You should choose such holster which truly useful for your handgun with personal preference.