The Best Iron Sights for AR-15-(Regular & Flip Up Sight)

The Best Iron Sights for AR-15-(Regular & Flip Up Sight)

Iron sight is always boss, I still prefer iron sight with the AR-15 rifle. But, finding the best iron sight for AR-15 is little more tricky than what you thought. Thousands of poor-duplicate iron sights are available out there.

First of all, I suggest all the ar-15 owner taking iron sight to boost your spirit. it could be the best and final solution to improve someone accuracy and then hit the target more than you imagined with a mere metal iron sight.

Here, I will discuss the demands of different iron sights against modern shooting gears and accessories. I will also show you different tips and tricks on how to chose the best ar-15 iron sights. At the end of the following discussion, I will also review a few notable ar15 iron sights available on the market.

Quick Comparison Chart Of The AR-15 Iron Sights

Keep in mind; you have to go through enough research on different quality iron sights to pick a stable pair for your ar-15 rifle. Although the last couple of years I didn’t have a close connection with different hunting gears except the default one came with my ar-15 rifle.but as I knew, iron-sights caught the significant attention of top-level shooters even the abide gunner as well. Therefore, in present days, most of the firearm’s user prefer to have an iron sight with their guns, even the USA military as well.

Can you imagine, it’s been only 30 years that we people are using modern gears, like troy iron sights as well as flip-up iron sights. But, before 30 years ago nobody was familiar with any red dot optics or scopes.that means, the current red dot scopes, optics were not existed only 30 years ago from now. Indeed, the shooters were seriously right at that time. Hunting and protecting the property as their primary duty.

For the first time, I amazed to know how challenging was their survival process but now I got the answer. Undoubtedly, they were excellent shooter by using a mere metal sight. Again, A simple question, can you imagine, how our ancestor was so smart in shooting or hunting? Like your ancestors or great grandfathers? How were they shooting? For sure, they didn’t have modern gears, like Nikon or Bushnell accessories. Yes! Here are the hidden tricks which I’m going to share with you.

What iron sight really is?

It may sound crazy to you when you would come to know what we are talking all about the best iron sight which is not actually iron. Instead of using solid iron, three other common materials are being used here. which are

  • Stainless steel
  • aluminum
  • polymer

Here I will try my level best to explain the importance of mounting the right iron sight and how to find the right one for your AR-15 rifle? I tried to make a few reviews on notable AR-15 iron sights available on the market. You may check out them below.

Point to be noted, I can’t let you make the same mistake what I made before choosing the best ar 15 iron sights. therefore, I will cooperate you to make the right choice step by step. So, if we make a list of our three-step process. it will be.

  • The necessity of attesting ar iron sight
  • Reviews on the best iron sights for ar15
  • Cooperate you to make fear and wise choice

Remember, as I told you earlier. Iron sight is always boss, this is not my personal many award winner ’s, professional shooters, they agreed with me on this point. Therefore, your confidence should grow high. Remember, this is iron sight and you can challenge against any other top-level red dot sight or scopes with this marry metal iron sight. Whether you think about accuracy or durability.

Types of Iron sight

Notice carefully overall Setup of Your AR15 rifle and considering the setup of your AR15 rifle is Another primary reason. As I told you earlier, you have to think about the configuration so that you can figure out whether you need a fixed or folding iron sight.

Remember, there are two types of iron sights are available out is fixed and another one is folding. A folding sight can be folded up when you need it, and you can fold the sight down when you don’t need.

That’s really simple! Isn’t it?

On the other hand, the fixed sight doesn’t come with any moving parts which are another cool advantage for fixed iron sight; therefore, making them almost indestructible. You can expect the sight is always ready to go. Don’t miss to set it properly and then boom! ready to go. Therefore, I always recommend you to take the fixed iron sight if what you’re looking for is the one, By compromising you can take it as your main sight which you can use as your AR’s primary targeting system.

However, if you have any plan to use the sight as a backup, then I always recommend you to go for the folding sight.

What to look for in an Iron Sight?

As I told you earlier, finding the best ar 15 iron sight is not simple, you have to be familiar with a few basic terms and having minimum shooting experience to make the right choice. Try to take things simple as much as possible; you should know a few common terms which ultimately help you to get a perfect attachment for your ar-15 rifle. Here, I have explained a few essential terms which would eventually help you to get your own decision.

  • Material
  • Aperture type
  • Ease of use
  • Visibility
  • Design (flip-up or fixed)
  • Mounting options and
  • Variety (gas block or same plane)

Again, I recommend you to take a few minutes to go through each term which i am going to mention.

Flip up or fixed

There are two types of iron sights are available out is flip-up sight and another one fixed. You can fill up the sight you need it, and you can fold the sight down when you don’t need. That’s simple! Isn’t it? On the other hand, it is the matter of fixing iron sight, it stays erect all the time. That’s why I don’t recommend anybody to go with fixed iron sight. It doesn’t offer you an option.

Therefore flip-up sights got massive popularity among shooters, hunters and so on. Because it allows you to remove the sight out from your firearms when you don’t need it. That’s why most of the manufacturing company focuses overly on Flip-up sights instead of fixed iron sight; the first thing is always first.

Happy to know, you are allowed to use them with optics since you can keep them fold down when needed. However, one thing you need to know about fixed iron sight which is durability. Fixed sights are more durable and sturdy than any other sights.


As I told There are three common materials” Stainless steel, aluminum and polymer” are being widely used in manufacturing iron sight. Keep in mind, Which Steel makes sights, are incredibly durable and long-lasting but more real in weight. On the other hand, using Polymer sights are lightweight but not as durable as Stainless-steel sights. Comparing with all other metal only the aluminum have both

  • The strength of metal and
  • The lightweight of a polymer

Using stainless steel is always recommended to make sure the greatest durability of a sight. Although there are plenty of different materials available to make the sight exceptionally more shot friendly. Therefore it knows to all as “iron sights” even when they’re actually polymer or aluminum.

Easy of using and outlook

Always first things first, you will notice lots of sights require Allen wrench, screwdriver or even coins to adjust in windage and elevation. Which make things more complicated and irritating for shooters. That’s why you have to be little more concern in several things before making the last choice.

Don’t miss to check the knob or gear so that you can adjust it by using your bare hands. it should come with the sight. Another important thing you have to consider for visibility. Keep in mind; There are two different hi-vis and tritium posts are ready on the market, which glows in the nighttime and offers better visibility with or without NOD’s.

Aperture and  Style

Take things simple and straightforward, Aperture, which is known as the peephole, an aperture is essential to get a perfect aim on your target, and it helps you to create a proper sight picture as well. You will find, there are so many common aperture styles sights are available out there. Such as diamond aperture, hollow aperture and so on.

I always recommend 45-degree (offset) sights, which can be used by tilting the rifle and as I knew it is handy when transitioning between long-range and short-range shots.

Iron sight vs red dot-Which one is best?

The answer is yet controversial, whether the ar iron sights are more popular or the red dot sights. Many shooters gave their opinion about this question. whether they prefer most to have an ordinary iron sight or any other modern tactical scopes with their firearms.

As a result, Most of the marksman even professional shooters told, they don’t prefer red dot optics or any modern gears with their guns. when they go for hunting or practicing, they take an extra expensive scope with iron sight.

As a result, Their main argument behind the statement was an iron sight ensures more pleasurable test of shooting. when we target at an object through an iron sight instead of expensive scope or any other artificial hunting gears. I expect your opinion about this, please leave a comment below.

Don’t take me negatively; it may seem I am suggesting you not to use modern red dot sight or any tactical optics. No, you are wrong! You should keep in mind; nobody can take the last step without facing the first one. The same way, nobody can expect a better shooting hand until he or she has enough control over an iron sight attested firearms.

No matter whether it is your AR15 rifle or best classical rifle .308. There is a solid recommendation for passionate shooters, like me. No one should go first with any top end hunting gears or accessories without taking enough practices with the backup iron sights.

Obviously, It helps you to get the basics of shooting and targeting. After all, there is a lot of stuff remain you should learn to check your ability to hit the target. Remember, to be a big shooter is not so easy at all. it takes much time to be a perfect shooter. Therefore, to be a serious shooter is a big challenge.

you have to be able to make several rounds continuously without having any more modern gears, red dot sight or optics except the iron sights. Thus, A perfect hit on your target directly by using an iron sight must show your ability.

Are you the right marksman for using the ar-15 iron sights?

Maybe you are a bit confused about whether you are fit for using a metal sight with your ar 15 rifle or not. Wait, don’t be upset. I assure you are the right person for using the best ar sights if I don’t miss any point.

Remember, using the best ar iron sights takes your ability to the different level after mounting the iron sight on your market hacking ar-15 rifle. Here arising another important question but you have to take the right iron sight for the right weapon.

Important iron sight adjustments for durability and strength

As I said earlier, it wouldn’t be a good idea to pass graduation without facing kindergarten. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t be profitable anymore as I think, therefore I always recommend, as A beginner, you better to select a high-quality iron sight and it should be your first choice.

finally, when you get enough control over your rifle, it doesn’t matter whether it is your ar 15 rifle or any others firearms. Finally, you are ready to go for any top ends hunting gears, like Bushnell or Nikon optic.

Hence, you will never see a single professional hunter who doesn’t have training with iron sight. Even A high-profile expert marksman always prefers first an iron sight with their firearms and they shoot really well. So, if you really care about your shooting hand and want to make it unbearable and seriously accurate, then you have to get started from away.

How to choose the best backup iron sights for ar-15?

Here I have compiled together a few relevant details about the top iron sights available in the market, so now take a look over the reviews carefully so that you can make the best choice.

Make sure the following factors are going perfectly with you. Otherwise, it would be difficult to make the right choice for the AR15 rifle:

  • Get easy and fast control
  • Price shouldn’t be excessive
  • The accuracy of iron sight
  • Sufficient eye relife
  • Should be lightweight
  • Durability
  • Good looking

You will get many more reasons to select iron sight besides the ordinary list I gave here. Therefore, keeping your pocket-size in mind, I have done extensive research with my personal experience. And finally, I am going to share the name of those are 15 iron sights. they are very advanced and budget-friendly too.

So, you can check them now.

Top 5 Best Iron Sights Reviews for AR-15

Finally, I have made a decent list of the best ar15 iron sights, where I have integrated the top 5 best iron sights.

If you can do the right balance to your choice, fortunately, you are going to take a reliable and durable iron sight for your rifle ar-15. Another critical issue needs to consider, that is, is the iron sight easy to use compared with other scopes or optics? Except it requires much effort to mount.

Also, ignore the complex ones that still need to use a screwdriver or wrench in case of adjusting elevation. Make sure that you look for an iron sight, which is easy to adjust. It should have a capability integrated into it, which makes it possible for you to change its elevation and windage. Such promotes ease when using this product. Keep in mind; the best iron sight is that which allows you to find your target quickly. It is also easy to adjust.

Ozark Armament Iron Sight

The Ozark Armament is one of the most budget-friendly iron sights comparing with all another existing iron sight.
Therefore, it would be an excellent option for those who are looking for the best back up sights for ar-15 instead of going to any top end flip-up iron sights.

However, The Ozark Armament offers excellent sight at a very reasonable price. remember, it is effortless to manage an aiming gear within the budget when it provides almost all the required features.

Since the sight using number one grade aluminum to constrict its body that’s why the sight doesn’t have excessive is exceptionally lightweight and have a spring-loaded mechanism for quick deployment. As I always recommend to you.

On the other hand, The Ozark Armament ensures an Allen wrench to mount the sight on the rail of your AR-15 rifle. I found the sight is very easy to install and cut the cost. So it could be another reason to choose Ozark Armament.

Furthermore,  There is no difficulties for adjusting the windage takes just one click for both precision and CQB apertures.

Since AR-15 rifles are designed to be standard and useful, Hence the sight what I am talking about would be an excellent option for the starter shooter holder.

Besides, the sight offers you a one-year warranty on this product and the customer support from Ozark.

Our opinion about the product-Again, I assumed it could be another excellent option for those who are looking for their first pair of backup sights.

The Ozark Armament Front and Rear Sights will be the best option for you if you want the pair together with little cost. They also make a sleek addition to your pristine AR 15.

Pros In short:

  • Very Low Price
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum body
  • Fully Adjustable for Windage and Elevation
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Both precision and CQB apertures on the rear sight
  • One-year warranty and outstanding customer support

Cons In short:

  • Doesn’t include an elevation adjustment tool
  • Fits only Picatinny rails

Troy Industries Micro HK Style

With thousands of different advanced features, the Troy Industries Micro HK Style iron sight comes two different colors. After all, it creates one more choice options for you. You should give a big thank to the Troy Industry.

No way the sight going to add excessive weight on your ar15 rifle since it ensures high-quality aluminum with stainless steel to build the stiff body structure. So, you are going to get an extremely lightweight and high durability iron sight.

Another thing I should mention before going into the next one that is the excellent hight of the aperture, so you don’t have to struggle with the nature hight problem.

Moreover, the sight comes with its formula, and it allows secure attachment on any rifle along with your ar15 rifle. So, you can easily mount the sight without facing any difficulties.

With all common features, the troy battle sight adds a bit of high quality. And Surprisingly you will feel the change of your AR-15 performance after mounting the troy battle sight on your firearm.

I know professional gun owners. they using the Troy battle just because of its reliability. and they became a big fan of this sight.

that’s why if you are someone fully determined to go with troy iron sight and want you cut your cost. Troy Industries Micro HK Style would be a wise choice for you. I would highly recommend the sight for the best backup iron sights for ar15.

Pros In short:

  • Easy to install on the ar15 rifle
  • Durable build quality
  • Easy fold away function by One-touch
  • Allow to use them as a stand-alone sight.
  • Use Spring-loaded system to prevent accidental flipping
  • Two same-plane apertures with HK-Style rear
  • Globe-shaped front sight for quicker target acquisition
  • No protruding knobs
  • Easy to Install
  • Rocksteady, zero wobble

Cons In short:

  • A bit expensive for just a rear sight
  • Compatible only with Picatinny rails

Troy Industries Folding Battle Sight Rear

Everything has its own strategy, it doesn’t matter whether it is your mere metal iron sight or a large military forces. I am sure, by any chance, you are familiar with the Troy Brand name as I made another review on another Troy iron sight.

That’s why I don’t see any reason to introduce you to Troy further. This is a very familiar name to the professional shooters. when it is all about Troy Brand, You can take any products of Troy by closing your eyes when they don’t have any bad reputation yet.

let’s talk about the one what we are talking for. You may consider their troy flip-up sights instead of the stock sight for your AR 15 rifle. I hope it will add more value to your ar15 rifle.

As a user, you can keep the sight fold down when you don’t need it, and you can fold it up when needed. All this stuff is controlled by pressing a simple button.

Don’t worry about the mounting problem when it is extremely easy for anybody. There is no trouble to mount it on your rifle as it is straightforward to use.

Durability is the fundamental identity of this model as it is an incredibly durable iron sight. As I said earlier, the sight is extremely durable, and you can use them any way you want. On the other hand, You will find across lock with this iron sight as it provides most safety.

There is no shaking or bumping hassle of this sight so one else can distract from your target. Is it? You can adjust the MOA by using a simple dial-up system to make your target deadly accurate.

However, one thing you need to know about sight. As, there are no moving parts, springs, or screws which creates a day-to-day issue to miss your target. the sight was designed for the military as they followed the military specifications when it was designed. that’s why this sight has zero cant.

There is two color choice option available for you as it is very subtle. So we should leave a big thanks for Troy!

There is the only thing that may deactivate you after gazing the price. Although it is acceptable when it comes with loaded features. Comparing with all another iron sight. the price is a little expensive, and the amount is determined on the quality of the sight.

You can use the iron sight for a long time, and if you find any issue there, then you can take their lifetime warranty support.

Pros In short:

  • Easy to Install/Mounting
  • Rocksteady,
  • zero wobble
  • No cant
  • Durable build
  • One-touch fold away function
  • You can use them as a standalone sight

Cons In short:

  • Very expensive for just a rear sight

Magpul MBUS PRO Steel Sight Set

This is Magpul industries product, real USA manufactured. Plenty of abiding shooters all over the globe are familiar with this brand name.

The main advantage of the Magpul iron sight is durability; As I said, you can take the sight through any kinds of abuse since the sight constructed of a tough polymer which is resistant to dings and scratches.

As total three ounces overall with your rifle doesn’t seem a big deal for you. Furthermore, the Magpul Gen 2 Rear Backup, and the sight comes with a knob for adjusting the windage, most probably you can set the sight with most of 1913 Picatinny railed hand guards.

When I took the sight for the first time, I was really surprised to see the flexibility as it took a few minutes to make it fully impeccable. I took the sight as a backup iron sight but if you can use the sight as the primary sight with your ar15 rifle or wherever you want.

I can assure you, after mounting the Magpul with your ar-15 rifle, you will find yourself as a real hunter You can’t imagine how easy it is to mount the sight on your firearms. you should know that this is one of the high-profile iron sight for the ar15 rifle.

The flexible installing system without using any toolkit or any more tools will change your past idea. Our recomendation– The Magpul Gen 2 Rear Sight is the lowest option in this review besides it added more value comparing with another metal sight. So, it would be an excellent choice for the first-time buyer as a backup sight.

There is one caution you should know abt this sight as it found false versions of the same sight being sold online, so beware! We would suggest only purchasing this product from the Magpul Company.
Pros In short:

  • Easy to install
  • Yes. It’s made of steel.
  • Ambidextrous one-touch operation
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for hunting
  • Low profile design

Cons In short:

  • Little expensive


Keep in mind; Iron sights are an essential part of an AR-15 which not only teach you the basics of shooting to amateurs but also serves as a backup. On the other hand, Iron sights are always extraordinarily durable and stronger than any other optics or scopes. Remember, having an iron sight on your firearm help you like your backup if your primary gear being damaged in a case like it could be batteries dry out or your optics get damaged.

here I have tried to show all the market leading and budget-friendly AR15 iron sight. So, before finally selecting the best ar15 iron sights, you should consider several factors as I mentioned before. such as.