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I don’t think it would be difficult to arrange best AR-15 build kits since the AR-15 rifle is the most well known and famous rifle. However, the selection of AR-15 from the US army and partially because of the modular design which enables you to exchange components and customize your rifle as per your requirements.

Don’t let other rifles to replace the AR-15 as the way of AR-15 is reliable and accurate. Therefore, you should have the ability to mold your gun for the purpose that you require. For example plinking, shooting, hunting, target firing or self-explanatory.

However, keep reading our following guide where I will explain the building your AR-15 out of a kit. Moreover, accumulating your own can help you realize the gun more closely and maintain any future updates that you wish to create.

Quick Comparison Chart Of The Best AR- 15 Build Kits

On the other hand, the National firearm Act legislation, support you to buy the receiver independently to modify your own firearms.

Most Common Build Kits

No need to mention that, important assembly of an AR-15 is really too hard for beginners. Only the trained gun owner can get my point what does it mean actually.

However, it takes much time with effort when you play with any small parts such as the tiny springs set up. It’s not a big deal as tools are required and many bits are just attached with hooks. Here are the things as it is extremely challenging to manage original kits. However, building from a kit is a fun way to take another step.

Moreover, as we know a construct kit may combine some or all these and much more based on the kind of stuff and producer. All these factors assist you to recognize whether the kits right chose for you or not. On the other hand, you may consider taking all the ar-15 building kit individually.

Here’s quite a bit more, but let’s start with the easy stuff as the primary object of the AR-15 is to improve the accuracy and make each shot more powerful than your existing one.

You should know the more comfort you expect from your gun, the longer you may take with it and the more right it’ll be as an outcome. Therefore, chose only those build kits which allow you to construct a more stable gun.

Lower Receivers And Upper Receivers

You need the lower Receiver or the upper Receiver of the AR-15 since it is the first step to make every change. However, most receivers come adaptability with ar-15 Therefore buying the right upper receiver and lower receiver will typically remove any problems. If you think differently, you will notice there are several receivers types, Choosing aluminum or the hard receiver is the wise selection to build a perfect ar-15.

As I say, you need to choose a durable material to make sure your weapon perform well enough and don’t get trouble even when you have done 100 round shooting on a regular basis. You should consider the forged lower receiver since the forged lower receiver is the most popular lower building kit available on the market.


No rifle is okay as long as it has a perfect grip, therefore, you handle your rifle while shooting with a perfect grip. it allows you to take full control over your ar-15 rifle since the hook has a connection with the gun. You must fell better with the grips you are looking for.

Moreover, any discomfort feeling may lead to misfiring because of the projections, sharp corners or the unadjustable dimensions. all the usual things will affect your shooting.

Assume your hands is a little higher than the standard size. Think about modifying the current grip to get a bigger one in order to boost ar-15 current performance. There are so many best grips available that suit perfect with AR-15.


A most crucial part for firearms owner, therefore, every firearms owner should be concern about handguard. Moreover, by taking an ordinary handguard, you can’t just build the rifle’s ambiance. After all, you need enough comfortability, accuracy, and flexibility of mounting build kit.

Therefore, Not only it looks fine since the free-floating handguards come with useful features such as it produces precision over conventional. On the other hand, the free-floating handguards which allow you to mount any additional build kits. Most fundamentally, you should fit your handguard for your gasoline system.

Remember, there are so many different handguards are available out there. Some of them are really bull shit concerning comfortability and accuracy. A handguard should come with accurate adjustment feature since we all need a perfect handguard to build our first ar-15 with our own customization.

I highly advise you to note down your own requirement for the ar-15 handguard. after getting to know the usual handguard lengths, mid-length, carbine, and pistol.


As you know the necessity of barrel to enhance the power of each shooting. You must require a decent ar-15 barrel to improve long firing capability of your existing ar-15. There are one more choosing option for ar-15 barrel since the ar-15 owner wants to enhance and empower the beast ar-15 rifle.

However, A good barrel comes with durable feature since expert saying a barrel is the backbone of an ar-15 rifle. it doesn’t matter how many rounds fired. A standard barrel comes with 8000 and 22000 rounds lifespan. There is one more factor you need to consider of the barrel since it is all about ba bullet and boom. an adjustable barrel will take you all of your fear for long-duration shooting.


The trigger is such part of your rifle you must deal with that. Therefore, No need to mention the necessity of a trigger. Most of the ar-15 come with ordinary functionality when you concern external building kit. the trigger is one of them.

Hence, you should replace your current ar-15 trigger if you want more security and smart pressing when targeting any object. you must ensure such target that comes with flexiable pressing option and auto-firing too. You must notice carefully how will it be looked and perform.

if you would like a new action to boost your accuracy and make each shoot super-accurate you must need a trigger kit before anything else. Perhaps, you already decided to click the trigger. A useful trigger allows you to install without difficulties.You will understand after placing a drop-in trigger as it is as straightforward.

Charging Handle

It must require a perfect charging handle since the charging handle is used to manage so many functionalities of your ar-15 rifle.

Hence, it is an essential component of the AR-15. There are other forms include, removing unfired rounds and used cubes, checking the rifle for shots and blockages, and discharging bolts which have rear-locked.

Shooters in tricky situations adore ambidextrous handles because it may be used for rapid, accurate shots from both sides. There is one more option for selection, like colors and attributes. Therefore charging handle is the basic build kit of your ar-15.

As a result, the inventory grips are intended for right-handed shooters. It doesn’t matter whether you are left-handed. However, an ambients charging handles you could use with both sides.


A stock determines a basic structure of ar-15 rifle since there is another way to replace your current ar-15 stock. A good stock is required to build your own ar-15. basically, there are two primary types of stock available.

One is fixed and changeable. While mended stocks are hardy and great for accuracy shooting. Beware, there are many poor stocks available out there.

Gas System

All you need first an adjustable gas block to build ar-15 as per as your requirement. a gas improves the felt recoil and storage grow in addition to some other additional as you take.

Perhaps few shooters want to test the alternative gasoline piston system. It has some benefits and problems in comparison. However, which means you might have trouble locating the build kit.


Sight is the first and foremost thing you should notice as the AR system is excellent for customizing. Therefore, it is reasonable to update the weapon together with the best scope or red dot sight you’ll be able to use. Keep in mind a simple scope or sight will take your ability to a different level. Probably you have already noticed there is multiple choice option for sighting devices. such as Red dot sight, holographic sight, scope, night vision sight, etc.

You can make a perfect shot by using night vision sight. Some have really substantial magnifications, and many others are outfitted with excellent reticles which take into consideration bullet fall. However, your range is not likely to be a part of a construct kit.

You need to understand what you intend on using the rifle for before buying a range. Therefore, the holographic sights set a reticle in your target using a laser, assisting you to find the right option for you. Don’t think a trigger will add much weight. Therefore, it should be lighter and let a more vital to focus anywhere.

Need a Build Kit

I recommend rather than shelling out cash for individual parts from several manufacturers. You better to purchase a construction kit for a good deal less, saving effort and time in tracking down the different components if you’d buy them individually.

After all, buying a build kit does not all the exact same amount of personalization as purchasing every single part separately. Even it permits you to have the thrill of constructing your personal AR-15. Furthermore, it facilitates more customization than you would become only purchasing a rifle “off the shelf,” so it sorts of falls to the high middle ground.

Best Build Kits Reviews For AR-15

Now I am going to introduce you with some awesome build kits available on the market. Every varies as to precisely what it comprises, therefore don’t forget to ensure carefully the equipment you’re searching for.

As I am saying all those build kits which are listed are a fantastic solution for people who love building and changing their own guns. And maybe an excellent spot to start on your initial AR-15 construct. These build kits frequently make it simpler (and more cost useful!)

Brownell’s AR-15 Receiver Establish (Lower Parts Kit & Stock)

This is our first and foremost pick for you as the Brownell’s AR-15 Receiver. Parts kit and inventory which is created solely for Brownell’s and is constructed of field-proven components.

Therefore, the complete upper Receiver is accompanied by an M4-profile 16″. The barrel is containing carbine span gas system along with an A2 flash hider. However, the kit A3 flat-top upper receiver is formed from forged 7075 T6 aluminum. It’s 10″ polymer handguards and a KeyMod rail system. Furthermore, the top receiver set includes all the ejection port case meeting and forwards assist installed.

The kit also has a standard MPI-tested bolt carrier group and charging handle manufactured from 6061-T6 billet aluminum. Besides, the Mil-Spec M4 design carbine adjustable inventory completes this set. Full internal space assembly is a combination of aluminum and fiberglass-reinforced nylon. It’s very resistant to impact.

Furthermore, the complicated part of the set is the 80-percent Anderson reduced receiver. Obviously, this requires more-advanced armory-level gunsmithing. On the other hand, the Mil-Spec Anderson LPK (lower parts kit) comprises the trigger using a hammer, a pistol grip (A2 design) and the other internals.

Dpms AR-15 5.56 16″ (Oracle Rifle Kit)

As I think, I should keep the one top of my list. However, DPMS introduced its well-planned AR-15 construct kit chambered in 5.56 NATO. It’s meant for both first-time buyers and much more experienced shooters.

The Oracle kit carries everything except a stripped lower receiver, sights along with a magazine. On the other hand, the A3-type flattop upper Receiver created from 7075 T6 aluminum where includes all the ejection port cover and forward assist.

Furthermore, the top comprises Glacier Guard handguards, which are usually considered satisfactorily heat-resistant. Additionally, it contains a typical BCG and charging handle constructed at the mill.

By the way, it is a very cost-effective build kit where includes 16″ Lite-contour barrel produced from 4140 Chrome Moly Steel and topped with an A2-style flash hider.

Furthermore, the mild”pen profile” barrel includes a 1:9 rifling twist rate. M4 feed grades guarantee dependable feeding of both industrial and excess ammunition.

The device features a carbine-length gasoline system using a single-rail Picatinny rail gas block.

Geissele Automatics Llc – AR-15 Lower Parts Kit

I am not sure whether you heard the kit before or not as the Geissele AR-15 lower portion set presumes that more-experienced builders typically update their grips and activates first. Facing reality, the Geissele LPK contains all components except that the flame management team and pistol grip.

provide Metal injection molded (MIM) components, these top quality AR-15 lower parts are made from tempered stainless steel or from casting procedure that matches or exceeds military specifications (Mil-Spec).

on the other hand, the Geissele AR-15 Lower Parts Kit comprises the bolt catch, bolt catch plunger, roll and spring pin, mag release, mag release button and spring, buffer retainer and spring, security, security detent and spring, trigger guard and roll pin, takedown detents and springs, and also pivot and takedown pins.

With 17 components, this slightly-expanded standard set is a very customizable AR-15 gun builder kit. It merely supplies what you need with no additional parts you’re likely to replace anyhow.

Bushmaster Firearms AR-15 Lower Parts Kit

Don’t sure whether you know the brand or not, but believe me the Bushmaster Firearms has earned its popularity and reputation. Because of manufacturing AR-15 design rifles. They also offer you highly-regarded and standard kits with this legendary gun.

The Bushmaster AR-15 lower parts kit delivers a carefully-selected range of components with whatever you want to build your construct.

On the other hand, the kit comes with a box of accessories, the buffer tube, buffer and buffer spring. The Bushmaster lower parts kit is composed of an injection-molded pistol grip – a timeless A2-style grip and same kind of high-density plastic trigger shield. The set has a single-stage trigger containing regular army – or tactical-rifle heavy trigger pull.

The remaining inner components are located on Mil-Spec letting you complete or refurbish a stripped AR-15/M16 receiver. This set of elements has a uniform coating procedure with low quality and finish.

Brownell’s AR-15 Upper Receiver-(Lower Parts Kit & Stock)

Let me introduce with another most fabulous kit from Brownell’s as the whole package assembled by Brownells comprises everything except that the stripped lower Receiver, the landscapes, and a magazine.

On the other hand, the Brownell’s AR-15 Receiver Collection incorporates a complete upper receiver along with 16″ M4-profile barrel in addition to M4 feed ramps.

If you notice the barrel where covers a 1:8 twist speed and an A2 birdcage-style threaded flash hider.

On the other hand, the complete A3 Upper receiver includes a 13-slot aluminum flat top and 10″ free-float handguard using a KeyMod railing system.

Furthermore, the Brownell’s top comes factory-assembled using a low-profile gasoline block, forward help, and ejection port cover.

The parts list is restricted with means of a bolt carrier group and charging handle.

The decrease receiver section comprises the routine Mil-Spec trigger set and the rest of the inner parts you’ll have to complete your weapon.

The flexible Mil-Spec buttstock and A2-style pistol grip are constructed out of fiberglass-reinforced nylon and come as a complete kit that was erected.


When you feel the need to customize your AR-15 rifle, first remember the purpose you can use it too and organize accordingly.

My selected AR-15 build kits are an excellent option for those who love modifying their own firearms with the best AR- 15 build kits. This is the right source to start for your first AR-15 build.

However, you need to make an effort and tackle any relaxation or ergonomic difficulties with the clasp, hand and trigger guard by updating to the very best fitting accessories you may find.

Therefore, high-quality beaches and magazines may also make a significant difference in your shooting experience, since you can reload faster and more reliably with high magazines and take accurately with the ideal scope.