The Best Appendix Carry Holsters [ Buyer’s Guide And Reviews]

On the following reviews, I have mentioned several best appendix carry holsters, which comes useful and quite reliable (AIWB) models available on the market. therefore, to manage the right appendix holster, you have to be sure the holster comes with those features that you are looking for.

As like as the old western movies, emphasizing gunslingers carrying on their strong side stylish, the new trend in appendix carry sees the rifle covered inside the waistband slightly to one side of the centreline of the trousers. This transport option allows for a relatively fast draw while still effectively hiding the firearm.

Concealed carry is more popular today than ever before. Furthermore, with the explosion of concealed carriers taking advantage of the Second Amendment Immediately. new options for carrying hidden guns easily and handily are being embraced all the time. Among the recent fads among concealed-carry advocates is appendix carry.

Quick Comparison Chart of The Best Appendix Carry Holsters

On account of this trending prevalence of”appendix carry”, quite a few holster makers have rebranded their typical holster layouts.

Which Holster Is Best For Concealed Carry?

As you know, there are several types of holsters available out there, like O.W.B. holster, I.W.B. holster, I.W.B. holster, I.W.B. holster, Belly band holster, Ankle holster, Shoulder holster, Gun Belt Holster. But none of them denotes the gun’s tilt to the right or left when staying heat against your system.

If the appendix holster includes a vertical or impartial cant, it is going to be comfier, and the gun will probably be simpler to index because of standard body mechanisms. Therefore, the primary concern is to carry the gun securely. the AIWB holster also has to possess a fully covered trigger guard and decent passive retention.

Furthermore, you should search for a couple other essential features in a fantastic appendix holsters such as an adjustable cant, folding, and wedge all these features presence makes the best appendix carry holster.

On the other hand, you have to consider the claws, tails, or counter loops, but the only purpose they have is to angle the traction into the stomach. Therefore, to get the best concealment, a great, purpose. therefore, the appendix holster must have some kind of built-in Holster features. Which are placed under the waistband or someplace close to the muzzle-end of this Holster?

What Is An Appendix Carry Holster?

The”Appendix carry holster ” is a useful form of a holster that can be handled without feeling any hassles. This concealed carry can also be referred to as the AIWB holster (appendix within the waistband).

On the other hand, the appendix holster, also known as”middle-line transmit” since it grips a handgun on your hip bones. If you notice carefully in the twelve to 2 o’clock position in your entire body which puts around the appendix area.

However, the AIWB positioning is the middle of the stomach where the main switch near the centerline, which is a suitable and straightforward insert to the waistband.

The holster is designed for supporting the human body, and the delicate tissues of the front part of the human body called for a distinct ergonomic design, offered in an authentic AIWB holster.

Should You Appendix Carry?

One of the essential benefits of appendix carry, aside from the simplicity of concealment the technique provides, is that the exact safe retention of your firearm it gives.

Carrying within the waistband tight against the front of the body and concealed under clothes lets you easily protect it if anybody ever tried to grab your own gun.

Appendix carry isn’t the harmless type of concealed carry, as like as O.W.B., shoulder. it sets your firearm at a position where it’s pointing in your groin and thigh while holstered and poses specific risks when drawing and reholstering.

More injuries, including more fatal injuries, are seasoned using appendix carry than any other kind of concealed carry. Also, due to the position of the firearm, when holstered, it may press into your stomach and be very embarrassing.

Especially when you’re sitting, this is ironic as one reason people frequently opt to appendix holster. As it allows simple access to your firearms while driving or sitting.

Is Appendix Carry Uncomfortable?

Appendix carry allows you to access very fast to your handgun whenever you need. Furthermore, Keeping your sidearm within an “AIWB” point against soft stomach tissue may also feel discomfort. However, you should know about the size where Small size doesn’t mean always more comfortable when it is purely appendix carry holster.

But you have struggled if the Holster is too long. But that doesn’t mean that you have to wear unique pants to carry appendix. It’s not difficult to keep your firearms concealed as the natural curtain of a t-shirt readily covers the weapon.

Sometimes, carrying a weapon within appendix holster is a little more challenging. The appendix area is generally avoided.

In terms of relaxation, carrying out an “AIWB” holster is extremely comfortable especially when you walking or standing up.

Though carrying out a good handgun is much more pleasant in the appendix area than carrying a full-size pistol. the best-suited firearms to appendix carry are compact and subcompact handguns.

Top 10 Reviews of The Best Appendix Carry Holsters

After making an extensive research on different holsters, we able to cover a tiny bit of history about different appendix carry holsters. Therefore, We are likely to breakdown every Holster’s significant characteristics, pros, and cons so that you have all of the details. Let’s begin to find the best appendix carry holster through the list.

1. C.Y.A Supply Co. (IWB Holster)

This is an overall in the waistband holster, not specially designed for appendix carry but it may be adapted for this. It is made from inflexible kydex plus a plastic clip which could be placed anywhere within the waistband and excels as an appendix holster for smaller firearms.

C.Y.A. Supply Co. (I.W.B.) Holster Fits Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9MM/.40 S&W – Veteran Owned Company – Made in the U.S.A.

What that puts this Kydex holster apart from the others is its own rigidity. Though other Kydex holsters have a propensity to bend this Holster slightly keeps its shape really nicely. This makes it a perfect holster for appendix carry since it isn’t likely to turn much as you proceed around.

This Holster has its own place to get smaller guns and generally is a superb holster for hidden appendix carry. This isn’t perfect for a big, or maybe a medium-sized pistol since it’s going to be quite uncomfortable while sitting.

For a little gun, this is excellent since it will disperse the burden of the weapon nicely while shielding the trigger guard and the gun, itself.

Prevent it however, if you are carrying a moderate or full-size gun and just like with any holster, be sure to practice with it. you become used to its quirks and have used to drawing and holstering safely.

Pros In Short:

  • Durable
  • Cost Effective
  • Extremely Rigid
  • Handmade
  • Ready To Ship

Cons In Short:

  • The Plastic Clip Doesn’t Hold Well

2. Blackhawk! (Ambidextrous Appendix Reversible Carry Inside The Pants)

This is very well known (AIWB) holster which made with soft materials. Therefore, the substance ensures relaxation much like a solid structure that wouldn’t buckle under the weight of their human body and buckle pressing together. Because of this, reholstering that the firearm might easily be concealed.

The Blackhawk A.R.C. (Appendix Reversible haul ) holster is an inside-the-waistband rig designed explicitly for appendix carry and is very acceptable for the 1 o’clock position. best appendix carry holster

Shortly, the A.R.C. is just improved for a few Glock and Smith & Wesson firearms, therefore, it can be touted as a fantastic choice when you need to bring a pistol with you.

However, The holster is oversized which is capable of adapting iron sights of any size. Furthermore, the holster comes with resigned retention and with an adjustment screw, which makes the (A.R.C) much better compared with other brands of the holster.

The BlackHawk Appendix Reversible Carry holster is flexible to both right-handed and left customers and includes two ride and cant alteration belt clips for both 1.5″ and 1.75″ straps. Rest assured the cheap AIWB holster could be uncomfortable if seated, particularly with more barreled firearms.

Pros In Short:

  • Comfortable Carry
  • Using with Red Dot
  • Flexible Selling Point
  • Soft And Durable
  • Comes With Adjustment Belt Clips
  • Passive Retention Detent
  • Adjustable Screw
  • Made In The U.S.A.

Cons In Short:

  • Not Much Comfortable In Seated Positions
  • Use with selected Models
  • A Bit Of Expensive
  • Issues with Belt Attachment Screw

3. Concealment Express Kydex (IWB) Gun Holster

Among the beautiful things about this Holster is that you get all you want and nothing you do not. A particularly innovative aspect of this Holster is your adjustable retention, which permits you to correct the pressure necessary to draw and also reholster the rifle, which makes it very safe and personalized to your requirements.

Concealment Express makes a number of the very best top excellent Kydex designs which can be found off the shelf. For somebody who’s searching for an appendix carry holster and does not wish to wait for months or perhaps months by a custom store, this is among the very best value products on the marketplace.

This is a shallow profile design that’s created from one piece of brushed kydex with zero surplus material to add mass or weight. It’s among the smallest complete holsters in the marketplace and is totally secure for appendix carry.

When there’s a drawback to this Holster, it is undoubtedly the plastic clip. Though it does mean that you won’t scrape your vehicle or furniture, or even tear your garments like you could with metallic Kydex holsters the sturdiness of this clip is slightly in question.

However, this Holster does include a lifetime warranty, and plastic buckle clips aren’t uncommon amongst other producers. This appendix carry holster for your S&W Shield is a very well-balanced layout you don’t need any difficulties with.

Pros In Short:

  • Cost-effective
  • Adjustable Retention
  • Lightweight
  • Compact

Cons In Short:

  • Plastic Clip

4. (Inside The Waistband Rig Holster)- Advanced Performance Elrod.

The Protective Services ELROD holster is constructed from strong, thick Kydex Which highlighted a set of attention which are big enough to work comfortably, letting you use together with your shirt tucked in or untucked.

An appendix carry holster must be an easy accessory, with no sophisticated design attributes. Even the appendix carry holster rig from Advanced Performance Shooting is precisely that, slender and above all, comfortable. best appendix carry holster

Furthermore, the two-clip (AIWB)holster retains the handgun grip at 90 degrees and large enough to efficiently achieve a good buy while unholstering.

The ELROD holster rig comprises an integrated magazine pocket, centre ventilation for comfort, and includes five elevation adjustment amounts.

The ELROD holster ensures several flexible places to attain a snug fit, which makes it suitable for casual carry. The only real qualm with this Holster is the inability to adapt pistols with red dot optics.

Pros In Short:

  • Magazine Pouch
  • Anytime Carry Ability
  • Comfortable In Every Position
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made Of Strong Kydex
  • Hand Orientation
  • Tuckable Design

Cons In Short:

  • Not Designed To Use With Red Dot Sight
  • A Bit Expensive

5. Fast Draw U.S.A.

The Kydex holsters should be the best holster for carrying a pistol or handgun. the holster is useful and durable since this rigid thermoplastic is watertight, scratch-resistant has reduced friction resistance,

Moreover, Quick pull( I.W.B.) holster includes 1.5″ polymer Kydex holsters enabling it to be utilized in several carry positions, such as classic interior waistband place, short of back carry, and also, so the trending appendix transmits location.

Ast Draw is constructed from is .08″ (2mm) Kydex that’s thick enough to keep rigid structural integrity a adds just 3 ounces. In weight. As a result of minimum overall dimensions, the Holster is hardly noticeable, which makes it the ideal low profile alternative.

Gunsmith Holster has introduced their Quick Draw U.S. A lately. Interior Waistband (I.W.B.) hidden carry string holsters moulded to particular gun versions to ensure a proper match for any firearm.

Unlike traditional leather holsters, Kydex doesn’t have to be broken. It sports a complete sweat shield, which shields the weapon out of moisture and sweat. The’Complete Sweat-Shield’ also can help direct the gun down for both freehand reholstering.

The retention strain is readily adjustable, and if your gun is added, it provides an audible click, assuring you your weapon is suitably holstered.

The cause place on every list holster is wholly coated for your security. As another incentive, it boasts protection of this magazine release button, which many counterparts don’t have.

Apart from the’Posi-Click’ Audible Retention Lock program, the Holster’s angle (or ) is quickly adjustable from 0-15 degrees for your taste too. This permits you to take your firearm in a vast array of places, unique to your liking, body type, or strategic requirements.

Pros In Short:

  • The Trigger is protected
  • Magazine Button Covers
  • Different Carry Positions
  • Comes With 1.5 Inch Nylon Belt Clip
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made Of .08″ (2mm) Kydex, Thermoplastic Material
  • 0-15 Sizes Adjustable Carry Angle
  • Flexible
  • Accurate Click Retention

Cons In Short:

  • Rounded Clip doesn’t Grip well
  • Less Protected
  • The Holster May Fells Uncomfortable When sitting
  • Require Larger Body Types

6. Blackhawk (Ambidextrous Appendix Reversible )

This Holster is an excellent illustration of one of the injections moulded plastic holsters that encompasses everything from full duty responsibility rigs for cops and soldiers to subdued versions similar to this one for civilian concealed carry.

This Holster for your Glock 19 was created especially for inside the waistband appendix carry and is reversible for left or right-handed shooters. The injection moulded plastic is very tough and contains a heavy-duty carrying concealed and adjustable retention.

If you’re trying to find is a shallow profile and easy to use a holster that’s bombproof, look no further than this offering from your specialists from Blackhawk. Blackhawk creates many unique products which range from tactical equipment and boots to AR 15 parts and accessories.

7. Appendix Reversible Carry Within The Pants Fits (S&W M&P Shield Ambidextrous Holster.)

This Holster is made with the well-proven building methods which Blackhawk has evolved through the years however is slimmed-down to be as little as possible while still encouraging the weight of your rifle.

So far as prices go, this is among the least expensive holsters to buy for appendix carry. It is going to last quite a while due to the sturdy wearing injection moulded plastic and also for the advantage it is possible to buy off the shelf.

There is no need to await a customized holster that you can just purchase one of those first versions from Blackhawk and use it indefinitely.

Pros In Short:

  • Cent Clip
  • Durable
  • Low Profile
  • Cheap

Cons In Short:

  • Doesn’t Distribute The Weight Of The Gun As Well As Others

8. Blackhawk! Leather (Inside-the-pants Holster)

Although this (I.W.B.) rig holster comes with a strap which can accommodate many different belt widths. it’s angle-adjustable to help your favorite carry positions such as 3 o’clock, supporting the fashionable, middle-of-the-pack, or appendix continue while nevertheless profoundly hidden.

Unlike vinyl Kydex, the leather looks more beautiful and way more professional. Branded as Leather Inside-the-Pants.

However, the holster is excellent in design which makes it the ideal selection for using as a backup or concealment carry. Moreover, the holster used quality sewing, the Blackhawk Leather Inside-The-Pants holster is made of comparatively thin Italian leather which stays rigid, even though it could call for breaking in time.

Aside from the flexible cant, the Velcro tightened carrying concealed, and a twist to fortify upper body equilibrium, it includes a top shield which protects clothes when maintaining Holster unlocking unobstructed.

Furthermore, it comes with a bolt that is mostly needed to set the standard retention, but a few users told that the screw didn’t work well. Even less difficult than many leather holsters. you can’t hide bigger handguns because the carrying concealed protrudes from the body leading to huge holster rides.

Pros In Short:

  • Movable Belt Loop
  • Reholstering Using One-hand
  • Used Italian Leather
  • Comfortable Uses
  • Useable for Appendix, Middle-of-the-spine, Cross-draw
  • Protects Clothes

Cons In Short:

  • A bit of thin Than Kydex (IWB)
  • Little Expensive


Wearing a single-attachment appendix within waistband (AIWB) holster using a midsize gun isn’t for everyone, because everyone has a different body shape. You’ll need to experiment and put on it around the house for some time to get used to it.

If you chose that the appendix carry is the best-concealed carry way for you be sure that you get your hands to the best appendix carry holster and get used to carrying your gun. In general, most folks will conceal move from the appendix position without any issues should they have the ideal gear and understand what they are doing.

Above all else, ensure you have your gun on you whenever you require it. You don’t want your best gun in it is fancy Holster to be at home when you really need it.

When looking for an appendix carry holster, look for a merchant who offers a trial period so that you can return it if you find it is not for you.

Always be on the watch for safety hazards and do not be afraid to test out other holster choices if you find the first one or two versions you come across do not work for you.