Basics of Pistol Shooting-Firearms Safety And Security

There are one more things related with pistol shooting, therefore, you are required to make sure the right pistol with proper grip to put the bullet on target. Having the right handgun grips with your pistol boost your confidence 5x higher than ever before. That’s why, before you enter into competitive shooting. you must learn the basics of Pistol Shooting and make sure you have the correct pistol grips for the situation. It will help you to get more control over your pistol and feel you very confident.

What are the fundamentals basics of pistol shooting?

The right place contributes a long way towards your shooting. The correct place is to face the target and then turn your non-shooting side almost 45 degrees away from the target. You might need to adjust your place a little to make yourself comfortable. When improving your stance, you must keep in mind that you need to relax your entire body except for the shooting elbow, arm, and wrist.

Next adjust your gun and arm above the target area, close your eyes and let the weapon automatically align in the aiming area. If there is a bit of difference, then adjust your foot a little such that your aim is focused on the target. This will help your body to support your gun horizontally, and you can use your muscles to move the firearm vertically in a much comfortable way.

Right Grip

Use your non-shooting hand to hold the pistol by the slide or the barrel and then use the shooting hand. Although most of the experienced shooters agree on this place as well as using the correct pistol grips; however, the truth is that it depends entirely on you and what is more comfortable for you.

Pointing Through Sight

Humanly it is impossible to see the sight and the target at the same time. Therefore, you must concentrate on the sight and accept that the target will be a little blur.

Pistol Movement

When shooting a pistol you must keep in mind that no matter how much you try to control it there will be moved since it is impossible to hold the gun motionless. Competitive shooting is similar to what we do in our life, i.e. set a goal, make plans to carry out those goals and then fell the personal happiness of achieving the goals.

Nonetheless, the most outstanding part of competitive shooting is the fellowship that comes with it. Many shooting competitions use the 1911 pistol. There is nobody who doesn’t have the experience to deal with stress. Stress is a part of everyone’s life, and everyone has own technique to manage their stressful life.isnt it?

Stress And Breath Control

If we unable to manage our stress in the right and timely order then it can really affect our lives firmly. Some people prefer to listen to music while others find long walks to be more effective, there are also those who like to indulge in competitive shooting as stress management. Studies have shown that this form of stress management is indeed a source of inspiration and actually add many years to one’s life.

Regular Practicing and Training

Proper practicing and training with your handgun grips are of utmost importance when it comes to shooting. Here are some pointers to better handgun grips that will go a long way in shooting for you. The first and the most important thing to getting a perfect handgun grip are strong muscles. Under normal circumstances, your muscles are not strong enough to handle the movement of the shoots so you might need to lift weights.

Five pounders are a good thing to start, and if you imagine the pistol movement while doing so, then it will be even more effective. Use sight picture exercises to get control over your movement of the pistol when it is fired. One of the recommended sight picture exercises that you might find useful in your case is drawing a vertical as well as a horizontal line. Concentrate on the vertical line and then on the horizontal line repeatedly helping you in mentally picturing the arc of your movement and then controlling it.

Trigger Control

Controlling your trigger is also is important along with your handgun grips.  The first one is where you slowly start putting pressure on the trigger and continue to do so until the shot actually takes place. During this process also concentrate on slowly taking the poundage off.

This technique is useful for beginners as it helps in accepting the movement. The other method is often called”staging” the trigger where the trigger is only pulled when the sight is in perfect alignment with the picture. Practice all the above-mentioned tips about breathing, gripping, stance, holding the trigger, putting the pressure in a dry firing session.


Go to a practice session and shoot the entire course while noting your weak points the entire time. After completing the course, practice on the things that were bothering you in the first session. Taking part in matches and competitive shooting can be the real contributor to your learning session. This will not only help in making your shooting better but also contribute much towards your confidence.