The Best AR-15 Soft Rifle Cases│AR-15 Soft Cases Reviews⁃2019

After all, it is all about the most powerful AR-15 Rifle, therefore, it deserves The Best Soft Rifle Cases For Carrying with AR⁃15. Isn’t it? If you have any intention to carry or keep your rifle safe and secured than a soft rifle case would be a great solution. You need to know that AR-15 soft cases have a proportion between supplying a select quantity of protection and being lightweight.

Therefore, I always like to say it may not be as severe as the severe differences in the market. But, concerning its safety and portability.soft rifle case is great. However, Introducing different location is the primary target for rifle case. when the ar-15 is an expensive rifle.

However, Soft rifle cases come in several sizes and handling a comprehensive choice of attributes while others are useless to keep the rifle secured.

Quick Comparison Chart Of The AR- 15 Soft Case

Therefore I think It’s not so difficult to find such a rifle case. Keep reading our research-based guideline to know more about firearms safety and security. If you like to explore the best AR- 15 soft cases that meet your requirements.

Why Choosing A Soft Rifle Case For AR- 15?

As like all other accessories, the rifle case also has a few advantages and disadvantages. Although it all depends on the gun owner when it is all about the AR- 15 rifle.

Keep in mind, the decent rifle cases are intended to permit you to transfer your guns from 1 spot to another professionally. On the other hand, you may require an AR-15 sling too.

Of course, there are so many reasons not to chose a soft case for ar-15 since I noticed most of the soft cases aren’t lockable. They do not have latches, they’ve zippers. You can lock the zippers employing a padlock, but they will not supply the quantity of safety a bonded hard situation could.

Unlike circumstances that are tough ones are more comfortable to carry. It must include backpack or shoulder straps, which means that you can fill them and take them to remote locations.

On the other hand, there is a hard rifle case that could be bulky, so carrying them could be tiresome. Soft cases are, and they can match a good deal of equipment.


Versatility is the first things that everyone expects from a gun case. Therefore, you must take a soft gun case that is Versatility.

Therefore, the contrary to hard instances which arrive with an inner foam you need to split to match your own ar-15 rifle. Remember, Any good soft cases use pockets, straps, and webbing to support your personal firearms.

After all, it produces the soft cases more flexible than the ones since you can use them for almost any gun, or for rifles in precisely the exact same time, based on their ability.

It is possible to use them to transfer your set of handguns into the scope, or you may use them to take your rifle as well as an AR bipod if range permits it.

Good Storage Capacity:

When it is the AR- 15 rifle, it must take one more accessory to carry with it; hence, the rifle case should include larger storage capacity than challenging circumstances. Keep in mind, the foam takes up a lot of this distance in a case.

Therefore, you can split into it to ensure that your rifle, a couple of handguns, ammunition clips, and other accessories match, but the storage capacity will likely be lower than at a soft case.

As a result of its slightly elastic shape, the soft tote will adjust its dimensions and capability based on everything you fill it using.


I always recommend AR-15 rifle case should be easy to carry, and that’s why lightweight is very necessary to carry the rifle. Although soft gun cases are still thin. Size and their shape may be adjusted, based upon the webbing how wealthy they are and accessible.

Thanks, a rifle case, to their weight can take more equipment. Rather than lifting the and the situation’s weight combined of the gear, you were raising the equipment.


I don’t recommend to invest huge bucks for a single rifle case through soft gun cases are often less costly than difficult circumstances.

It is true that you may find a few models which come at a similar cost. However, the soft case for ar-15 is the top of the line, although the tricky situation would be among the least expensive versions.

Keep things simple when you can simply take your rifles to visit the stove, and if you return you store them correctly in a gun safe, you may not have to commit a good deal of cash in a problematic gun case.

Enough Protection:

When it comes to safeguarding your gun, a soft case isn’t totally useless. It should not be disregarded, although the amount of security provided by a rifle case is lower compared to that of a situation.

A soft case will undoubtedly protect your rifle as well as the optics against scrapes, but it also does a fantastic job in protecting them from the typical bumps and strikes they endure.

On the other hand, if you are considering putting the rifle case in your (ATV) and push off-road to get a few miles, then you’ll be better off using a hard gun case.


The locality is the most primary consideration for every rifle case although they do not possess a hard shell, soft rifle instances may nevertheless be locked.

The majority of them utilize zippers, and these zippers are harmonious with padlocks. This will definitely keep your firearm away from kids or strangers.

Limitations of A Soft Rifle Case

There are a few essential factors that should keep in mind when before choosing the best AR- 15 soft cases.

Not Allowed For Air Transportation:

Contrary to challenging cases that could be acceptable for air transportation, soft cases aren’t. However great your soft case is, the airports will not permit it to plank.

This may not be a hassle for people. It is possible to find lots of searching places, Though you may be a hunting enthusiast. This will let you drive to all those places.

Limited Safety:

Although soft gun bags offer you a little level of security, they do not stand a change in comparison with a challenging situation. Some challenging cases can withstand out of 6 ft or more without actually shaking your own rifle. This can not be said concerning soft matters.

Though soft gun bags provide water security, only a restricted number of versions are in fact watertight, and these are somewhat more expensive.

On the other hand, the water security provided by the majority of models will probably be sufficient to secure your gun from rust on a hunting excursion.

Security is something every rifle owner expect, but a severe gun case utilizes several latches to maintain the situation locked until you start it using a key. Apart from the fasteners, a severe case is also harmonious with padlocks, and you’ll have the ability to utilize more padlocks on a single instance.

Additional Useful Accessories

Although most soft rifle instances are extremely good at maintaining the rifle set up as you’re hauling it, there’s a slim prospect of it changing its position. It sometimes happens, although this could occur infrequently.

The inner foam of these severe cases does a much better job at maintaining the rifle at its first place. As a gun lover, I recommend you to take the gun case, but you have to do next whatever it takes.

A gentle gun tote can get dirty if you utilize it, and cleaning it’s harder than cleaning a tricky situation. You’ll need to wash out the bag with a tiny brush, warm water, a gentle detergent, and some elbow grease.

What To Look For In A Soft Rifle Case For AR- 15?

  • Size
  • Materials
  • Storage Space Available
  • Waterproof.
  • Cost


Estimate the dimensions of your soft case compared to your own rifle. You might get a gun, which requires a more significant soft case.

You’ll require a more prominent case in case you’ve got more than 1 gun to transfer. And you also need to keep in mind that in case a soft case is more significant, it’s more likely to be thicker.


You need to inspect the contents utilized for the AR- 15 soft cases of your selection. This will establish the durability and also the burden of this delicate case.

It’s essential to decide on a soft case which will provide ultimate protection to your rifle.

Storage Space Available:

You should consider the storage space in the soft case. There should be sufficient room to set your accessories. This will let you get rid of the requirement of working with another tote for different products.

It’s an added bonus if it’s possible to set your smaller things such as a pocket, ID, or cellular phone from the soft case.


You need to consider whether the soft case is watertight. This is extremely essential since you’d want to safeguard your gun from harms which might happen whether it comes from touch with water.

Some instances will only defend you from mild rains, but other soft cases are going to have the ability to withstand more powerful storms.

It is also going to be useful if the circumstance is resistant to dust and other components to shield the rifle.


Fifth, you need to think about the price and the value of this rifle. Other rifle cases might be more economical, but it might not have the capability to supply the amount for your money since it’s easily damaged. It’s crucial to analyze the quality of the solution versus the price.

Why Soft Case, Why Not The Hard Case? Which One Is Best Choice For AR-15?

Soft Case:

AR- 15 rifle needs security along with its own respect. Therefore, You need to purchase a case that meets your requirements.

If you are looking for a gun case that is durable and fit for moving for travel to the forests or woods. Therefore, the best protection will be provided by a lawsuit. Soft cases will probably perform the job.

Hard Case:

Security is the word only comes with hard cases which are simple to maintain because it may be washed on the exterior using a gentle detergent and water. The interior may be cleaned with warm water.

The liner made from foam may be cleaned with a wet sponge or cloth. Make sure you risk causing rust residue, or else that the foam is sterile substituting it.

Which One Is Best Choice For AR-15?

Directly speaking, there is a situation fantastic for serious travelling in which you need security. A soft case is adequate once you don’t need to be concerned about lots of banging and only wish to protect it.

Top 5 Best AR- 15 Soft Rifle CaseS Reviews-2019

It is pretty challenging to find the right place to buy rifle case, although a rifle case is a primary need for every gun owner.

Therefore, after taking extensive research on the current market for AR- 15 soft cases. Listed below are some of the options that are top rated mild rifle cases for AR- 15 that you can take into our consideration.

Hence, By abiding by the guide over, you should be able to tell whether there is a situation well worth the cost and create your option. However, you can’t go wrong.

1. Tactical Rifle Case From American Mountain Supply

As an AR- 15 rifle owner, you should have a decent rifle case. Keep in mind this is the very first AR- 15 soft case among the list is that the Tactical Rifle Case from American Mountain Supply. Which is intended to extend a rifle that’s 38 inches wide and 12.5 inches tall. It’s also designed to.

I can assure you the Tactical Rifle Case is enough to keep saving you own rifle accessories. Needless to say, there are five storage pockets around the outside of the situation.

After all, it is a Velcro flap which you can adjust to match your magazine of dimensions. On the other hand, It is also possible to store different kinds of accessories together with the pocket.

If you notice carefully, there is space for your own rifle if there is a range connected to it. Therefore, It may also match a gun with a magazine that is added.

Further, this is engineered with nylon substances to maintain your rifle safe. Since the nylon retains it lasting, It’s been constructed to withstand use.

Remember, the Tactical Rifle Case from American Mountain Supply’s inside is a liner with an inch of foam to keep your rifle. And the grips of the gun instance is webbed to make sure you could manage it comfortably.

Therefore, it has a sling since it’s made using a swivel hook which you can detach. This also provides you with additional choices in regards to carrying out your rifle.

Pross In Short:

  • Durable
  • Comfortable To Hold
  • With Storage Space For Accessories
  • Water Resistant
  • Several Carrying Choices

Cons In Short:

  • The Height Of This Situation Can Be Extended

2. Condor Single Rifle Case

The condor Single Rifle Case is one of the most common and well know soft rifle case for AR- 15. The compartment can fit a rifle which measures. The same way, it comes to making sure your rifle in place during transportation.

Keep in mind there are just two pockets which may be employed to keep the magazine, optics, your own handguns, and other accessories. Differently, the compartment will have the ability to accommodate a rifle. It’s excellent.

The same way there are also a utility pouch plus just two magazine pouches, which may hold two magazines. So it doesn’t bother you for carrying these accessories.

If it concerns the construction of this Condor Single Rifle Case, it’s created for the security of your rifle using a 3/4 inch of pads. You may elect to obtain black, olive drab, or tan coloured soft case.

Pross In Short:

  • Can Match Two Rifles
  • Several Storage Choices
  • Includes Magazines
  • The Rifle Is Procured During Transportation
  • Secures Items Together With The Locks That Are Zippered
  • Durable And Sturdy

Cons In Short:

  • Padding Size Of Rifle For Security
  • Heavy

3. Voodoo Tactical Men’s Padded Weapons Case

Any way you consider this is the best soft case if you talk about softly and security. Hence the upcoming soft case includes three dimensions choices and ten colour choices for your own choosing.

Therefore, The Voodoo Tactical Men’s Padded Weapons Case which we’ve reviewed is your 42-inch version.

Keep in mind, there is a 36 inch and a 46-inch soft case for you to pick from. On the other hand, the 42-inch soft case would be your size; it gives an allowance concerning space and in regards to storage alternatives.

Traditionally it also has incorporated features to enhance the performance of this soft case. Therefore, It includes a padlock along with zippers to secure the items within your case.

On the other hands, there is one more magazine storage to maintain at least eight pistol magazines along with six magazines. And it can place in a pocket, and a Velcro flap is. A Velcro ID patch is to the convenience.

Another good thing about this soft case is that it provides a storage area. IT may match two pistols and two assault rifles. It’s also equipped to give extra storage space. In the end, you need to know. It is created with foam cushioning.

Pross In Short:

  • Secure Your Thing
  • Carries Fourteen Magazines
  • Padded Handles For Comfort
  • Padded Center Divider

Cons In Short:

  • Expensive

4. Allen Wedge Tactical Rifle Case

You may consider this one as it comes with a few notable features that took my attention as the soft case that we’ve examined is that the Allen Wedge Tactical Rifle Case that may match. It’s a general product measurement of 10 x 2 x 41 inches, and it weighs about 1.9 lbs.

There are four pockets available which can accommodate your rifle accessories and magazine, it comes Concerning storage. On the other hand, It is made to guarantee the durability of your own rifle. The interiors equipped and are padded with a lining to protect your gun.

Keep in mind, the handles are padded to keep you comfy as you maintain the soft case. What’s more, besides, it comes to keep your things safe within the instance.

Pross In Short:

  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Thick Padding
  • Lockable Zippers
  • Durable

Cons In Short:

  • Not Spacious Enough

5. Uncle Mike Tactical Rifle Case

Did you heard before the best soft gun case for the ar -15 rifles, I hope so as the AR- 15 soft matters that we’ve examined is your Uncle Mike Tactical Rifle Case. It’s created using all the 600 woven cloth, and accuracy stitching have been used by it.

The same way this soft case has been stitched to make sure that the cloth will remain in place for a more extended period. Additionally, it guarantees your soft case will probably survive. Safety in mind, this rifle case includes a loop, a tab, and a full-length zipper.

On the other hand, it will come with a web handle to make sure it can be carried by you with durability and stability.

As I experienced when went through the rifle case, You might make sure that the strap is webbed to give comfort as you’re carrying it out. There’s also storage space for five publications, that may be considered restricted.

In the end, it is a centre pocket which provides storage space to use.

Pross In Short:

  • Affordable
  • Double Stitched
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to maintenance

Cons In Short:

  • Restricted Storage Room For Magazines


Take your best decision for the rifle case because of its all about AR- 15 rifle. As many soft cases and we’ve discussed the aspects to look at when purchasing a mild case, now is the time.

My recommended Best AR- 15 soft case is the Voodoo Tactical Men’s Padded Weapons Case.

It is lightweight and price friendly comparing with others rifle case.

The rifle case is well enough to cover rifle with a match, and it keeps it secure from the elements. Your gun is in safe hands with the use of this Voodoo Tactical Men’s Padded Weapons Case.

We expect our review has helped you in regards to choosing the AR- 15 soft cases for the assault rifle.