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As the owner of an AR-15 rifle, “the most powerful rifle in the USA” you must take an ar-15 rifle case to make sure safety and security of your firearms. You would like to guard your weapon out of tumbles, falls and avoid unwanted harm when traveling anywhere. Therefore, having The Best Rifle Case For AR-15 is the basic requirement to avoid any risk.

You know your weapon has to be cared for just as with any other part of the body will look after you. As we know, people are attracted to instances offering protection while withstanding the rigors of traveling. Therefore, you have decided which types of gun case you are looking for that depend on you. However, your needs might be a bit different.

Below I am going to discuss different factors that everyone should consider for an AR-15 rifle case. Therefore, as an additional bonus, we will not just be focusing on just hard cases or merely soft instances.

Quick Comparison Chart Of The Best AR-15 Rifle Cases

Why Rifle Case For AR-15?

To keep the life saviour file secured and transporting from one location to another location, everyone needs a perfect rifle case. Furthermore, the product on the current market rifle cases has pros and cons. Let us take a peek.


No compromise with security when it is all about the most expensive file ar15. Hence, there is no arguing that most hard rifle cases provide more protection than soft instances. T

Hey’ve got a solid shell, and a number of them are exceptionally durable. Most cases are made from polymers, and a number of them comprise aluminium in their structure.

After all, there are so many options basic on your preference hence utilize a foam inside to take care of the gun from bumps and drops. Thus, the foam and the casing create the case watertight and dustproof.

Possessing a watertight case can be significant if you like hunting. You need to ensure that your kit will not get ruined. In case the weather turns bad. So You’ll Have nothing to worry about, A situation can accommodate gun and its own system.


Whether you are considering travelling by aeroplane, or you merely wish to push into your next shooting place, a sturdy case is going to be better than a gentle one. Hard instances shield your rifle accessories along with the rifle.

If you love hunting, odds are you’re going to push on some dirt streets now and again. What is the purpose of purchasing a costly optics system in case you don’t care for it?

That’s why take care once you purchase a rifle case. You also ought to be aware that the situation will still comply with precisely the identical dimensions and weight limitations as the rest of your bag when you are going through the check.

However, it’s also wise to check the local laws before you anticipate travelling from 1 country to another using the gun. Some states take a lockable hard case, but some need just a soft case.


Keep in mind, it takes a lot of space to keep others accessories like ammo, magazines etc. and all they are a necessary part of your AR-15 rifle. Isn’t it?

Hence, severe instances may be used to keep your rifles to get a short or an extended period. These are better suited to storage compared to soft ones since they are both watertight and dustproof.

Easy Maintenance:

Severe instances are simple to keep. Every tricky case could be washed on the exterior using water and a gentle detergent. For the interior, you ought to take the foam liner and be sure it’s dry. The high-quality foam may also be cleaned with a wet sponge or cloth. Wash the inside of the position with warm water and mild detergent. Ensure that the foam is dry until it is replaced by you.

What To Look For In An AR-15 Rifle Case?

Ideally, your rifle case is going to be durable, robust, watertight and discreet enough not to draw attention. It is also going to have tons of room to maintain the firearms and accessories that you want to bring along on your next search or shooting excursion.

It ought to keep out moisture, dust and be protected against vandalism or theft as well. Your situation should not just make it effortless for you to bring your gun safe if it’s necessary but also make it simple to take out the gun and set it back in position if not needed.

A fantastic case will maintain the gun snugly inside a foam break to block it jostling and going around while in transit.

The Dimensions:

If you notice carefully, there are many different cases available for a different size. The size of a rifle case is obviously dependent on how big your rifle.

This is what’s going to make sure that your gun will fit perfectly within the instance. You may just go for a larger size if you have to transport more than 1 rifle.


To keep your rifle, protect from the water, you must choose a fully waterproof rifle case. Among those components that may undoubtedly damage your gun is water.

Therefore, it is a significant aspect to think about when you’re purchasing a situation for the AR- 15. However, your rifle requires complete protection against becoming wet.

A watertight rifle case will make it effortless for you to transfer your gun if it’s raining.


Your personal preference works effectually in this case. Keep in mind, the substance that’s been utilized to build your rifle case is every bit as important. This is as it can establish the type of protection your rifle will be appreciating.

Different rifle cases are produced from other kinds of materials. Hence, The ones who are created from aluminium appear to be the top options since aluminium can provide additional protection.

Soft Case And Hard Case- Which One You Need?

Usually, there are two main types of rifle cases available out there. You need to buy a rifle case that meets your own requirements. Hard gun cases are often very heavy because of their usage of stronger materials and dimensions.

Some are designed for portability, such as many soft instances that protect the gun from scratches and the elements and may be slung over a shoulder.

If you have any plan for travelling or outdoor shooting to the forests or woods and need durability and durability, a tricky case will offer the best protection.

The same way, If you would like to travel light and just require at least protection from rain and scratches, certain soft instances will perform the job. However, there are some instances which are thicker than others, making them less than perfect for carrying.

Soft Case:

Bear in mind that no mild case can match the durability and durability a tricky situation might offer as a result of the substances used. If you’d like guaranteed protection for your delicate scopes as well as other accessories onto your rifle in addition to the gun itself.

After that, you’ll undoubtedly require a stable hard case. Some instances can hold multiple firearms and also have inbuilt pressure equalization valves that help in the event of changing altitudes

Hard Case:

Hard cases are simple to maintain because it may be a wash on the exterior using water and a gentle detergent. The interior may also be washed with warm water and mild soap.

The liner made from high-quality foam may also be cleaned with a wet sponge or cloth. Make sure that the foam is sterile substituting it, or else you risk causing rust residue on your rifle.

Hard cases also utilize multiple latches to keep the gun secure, and a few versions use steel latches which are harmonious with padlocks, which means you’re able to boost their safety.

Directly speaking, there is a situation fantastic for serious traveling in which you need security. Therefore, a case is adequate once you wish to protect it from dirt and dust and don’t need to be concerned about lots of banging.

Top 6 Reviews Of The Best Rifle Cases For AR-15

After facing extensive research on the current market, I only listed 5 cases for ar15. It doesn’t need to say they are highly durable and comfortable for the ar15 rifle.

All the cases listed down supply protection and come in a selection of price points. We have rounded up a few of the facts on the current market, depending on to make it simpler for you to pick a situation for the AR-15.

1. Pelican 1700 Rifle Case

I am not sure whether you are already familiar with this most popular gun case for AR-15. I say “Pelican 1700” can bet any others rifle case.

However, Pelican is a name in regards to compelling rifle cases. And they have been constructing that trusted standing for more than 30 years now.

The rifle case is undoubted, one of the best Pelican cases which were perfected in the business with all the years of expertise. It’s a great case which includes an open cell heart using a good wall layout.

However, the layout isn’t only powerful but lighter. Moreover, its totally crushproof thanks build. It wrapped over by SUVs in Tanzania and has been thrown to check its durability.

However, when water seeping into your AR situation is an issue, worry no more because the Pelican 1700 treat this issue by using a tongue and groove match along with a polymer O-ring.

besides, it offers a pressure equalization valve which releases atmosphere pressure while helping to keep out water.

However, the inside is full of 3-inch thick foam cushioning and is spacious enough to include a complete AR-15, your red dot scope or 2, and a few new magazines.

Pross In Short:

  • Well-organized And Constructed
  • All-inclusive
  • Waterproof And Dustproof
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy Carrying

Cons In Short:

  • The Replacement Foam In Expensive
  • Take Time To Close The Case

2. Plano All Weather Tactical Case

Is there anybody doesn’t love tragical gun case? I love tactical accessories for ar15. It could be different for others.

However, the plan all Weather tactical rifle case is weatherproof rifle case that contains most likely among the very best thick-wall construction instances. Hence, it is possible to get without breaking the bank.

However, there are two different selling factors when it concerns the Plano All Weather Case. The first is the fact that it’s designed to be equal but without the weight that is added a Pelican case packs.

On the other hand, it does not possess thick walls and isn’t nearly robust. Therefore, the Plano All Weather situation demonstrates that weight and walls do not equate to an instance. Quite the opposite.

Think out of the box, don’t allow any poor-quality rifle case when the selling point is its ability to be customized to deal with all your needs. In other words, the foam inside is healthy,

Although weatherproof. On the other hand, it permits you to easily make inside adjustments if you have to bring a few extra mags, ammo, range, or any equipment it does not have a default space such as interior.

Moreover, the situation also comes with a watertight. Dri-Loc Seal which can ensure that your AR-15 remains dry in the wettest or moist environments.

Hence the top things off; therefore, the pressure valve and its own heavy-duty lockable latches which make this case ideal for addressing the bumps and jarring.

Pross in short:

  • Waterproof and Dustproof
  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight design
  • Constructed pressure valve
  • Easy Transportation

Cons in short:

  • Quite bigger in size

3. Case Club Waterproof- (AR-15 Rifle Case)

Don’t judge a book by its cover! Whatever it would be the best option for any ar15 holder if they frequently move one place to another. the rifle case from Case Club which was designed with the AR-15 in your mind and that is excellent for people who might be having to travel with their rifle by plane.

If you notice carefully, its airline is shippable and approved for the bag that is checked. To boot, it may put up with only about any misuse TSA feels just like throwing it without taking any damage or neglecting any of the comprehensive inspection processes.

Most of the cases the inside includes custom pre-cut closed mobile military grade polyethene foam made particularly for carrying an AR-15. On the other hand, it has many different areas for things such as a new full-size or compact pistol. And two 10, 20, or 30 around regular or page magazines.

With all other additional features, It includes a total of five built-in heavy-duty, and 2 of those latches are keyed to provide you with that extra layer of safety. Hence, If this is not sufficient for you, there are also holes if you believe you want it so that you may add your personal locks.

Pross In Short:

  • Waterproof And Dustproof
  • Quite Easy To Replace Interior
  • TSA Accepted
  • Unique Style
  • Cost Effective
  • Durable

Cons In Short:

  • The Case Feels Clunky To Take
  • Gun Patterns Are Spaced

4. Voodoo Tactical Deluxe Weapons Case

It allows anybody to share the case with your next generation when the situation got popularity because of long-time durability. That’s why this one is one of my favourite instances is your Voodoo Tactical Deluxe Weapons Case.

There is a little suggestion for the beginners as this soft case is a monster when it comes to incorporating various additional accessories. The reason is MOLLE webbing that has been included on the exterior of this circumstance.

Moreover, you could very easily carry your whole arsenal within this situation if you set a small prep work into it.

The same way both the mag components along with the pistol has sturdy locking zipper pulls to keep all out and protected of the hands of anybody else. Therefore, the padlocks are contained so no need to be worried about providing your personal.

Therefore, keeping users demand both padded outside pockets may hold the following two full size. On the other hand, the compact pistols and making it attractive for fast draw situations when you could require a firearm in a rush.

As long as I know, I can assure you the case can hold up to six 30 round rifle mags up to six pistol mags easily, along with a valuable firearm.

There is no any dough that the case is extremely durable when It made from excellent material, is lightweight and is cushioned, weatherproof, and it can be configured to carry styles and requirements.

Pross In Short:

  • Molle Compatible
  • Long To Accommodate Extended Firearms
  • Extended
  • Adjustable
  • Sturry

Cons In Short:

  • Cumbersome To Hold In Tight Areas
  • Quite Small The Entire Length Of The Rifle Case

5. Voodoo Tactical Rifle Case

If you look around there are you some novice ar15 holders accepting this rifle cases to make sure safety and security. Think exactly, what you are looking for when it capable of carrying more than the Voodoo Deluxe Weapons instance. Look no farther than the Voodoo Tactical Rifle Case!

You already noticed the body structure that instance is definitely built to last through decades of rough handling without requiring much from the way of normal wear and tear.

On the other hand, you’ll discover lots of PALS webbing for attaching any one of your additional equipment that’s additionally PALS compatible. Therefore, we say a lot, we mean it has a whole five rows of webbing!

It allows you to carry unlimited accessories securely without bothering you for example 3 outside ammo and accessory components to bag all of your additional ammo, magazines, and perhaps even a couple of hunting knives as well.

We all expect a rifle case that should be lightweight. Therefore, the whole situation designed such a structure that is of high quality and expandable. What more can you be expecting?

Pross In Short:

  • Large In Size
  • Pals/Molle Harmonious
  • Ballistic Frame Structure

Cons In Short:

  • Can Sense Heavy
  • Buckles Are Slightly Noisy
  • Interior Isn’t Heat Resistant

6. Bulldog Cases AR-15 Discreet Carry Case

I should keep the one on my top of the list, but unfortunately, I missed whatever I can assure you undoubtedly about the Bulldog Cases. Therefore, among the tiniest AR-15 cases available now having an interior dimension of just 27″ x 9″.

I request you don’t be confused because this case can hold up to a 27″ long rifle and have space for some smaller accessories like a range. At the same time two novels (from the sewed in internal mag sleeves), plus some shoulder straps if desired.

There are some disadvantages also when it’s a carrying case for the AR-15. But for sure it keeps simple your Cary. Padded to keep your gun secure from alterations, and lightweight drops, and scratches.

Pross In Short:

  • Easy To Keep Equipment Inside
  • Small In Size
  • Sewed In Magazine Holders

Cons In Short:

  • Lack Of Internal Straps

Final Thoughts:

Finally, I would like to say the same as I said before, use your own brain and see what meet your requirement and grebe it. Don’t look the cost when you are an owner of the AR-15 rifle. Most respectable gun in the USA.

We expect that we’ve given you enough info to have the ability to select If it is time to create your choice. Therefore, I say it comes down to a mix of comfort, practicality, and quality. Is it sensible for your requirements and is it constructed with quality in mind?

Answer those three questions, and you will be one step nearer to locating the very best AR-15 situation for your appreciated rifle and equipment. Be confident when you go for buying something.

Should you feel that we’ve left out a situation or two that you think deserved to make it on this list. Inform us about it in the comments section below, we love to test it out!