The Best AR-15 Pistol Grips│AR-15 Pistol Grips Buying Guide And Reviews-2019

It is quite challenging to manage the best pistol grip for AR-15. A pistol grip helps the shooter to be more confident and feel comfortable since it is a decorative component of a rifle. Best AR-15 pistol grip turns your pistol more aggressive and soft.

In the following article, I will discuss the significance of pistol grips and things to look for when picking one. I will also try to summarize some of the very best AR-15 pistol grips available on the market which will assist you in locating a proper one to be used with your rifle.

However, you have to agree that it is one of the very first items a new owner will update on their own rifle or pistol. Therefore, with the high-quality parts available on the current marketplace, deciding on the very ideal AR-15 pistol grip could possibly be challenging.

However, there are a couple of variables you will want to know about, and I have taken the opportunity to detail the main ones. I have also compiled an extensive collection of the ideal AR-15 pistol grips now available and broken my top five favorites.

Quick Comparison Chart Of The Best Pistol Grips For AR-15

I like to follow these “UPDATE” by providing a Path to Research Your available alternatives. As I say, this is the right way to realize precisely what different brands have and what it offers. If you are new to this, then you might get several unfamiliar terms. But do not worry, I will do my very best to cover all you will want to understand in the future.

What Is The Best Grip For AR-15?

Semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines are forbidden in New York if they have a protruding pistol grip.

Keeping the essential requirement in mind, I have organized an interactive list that can let you contrast and compare unique makes. Choose the button for further information.

How To Choose Pistol Grip For AR-15?

However, there is one more factor you need to consider for AR-15 grip. It may seem less critical portion of a gun. However, a knowledgeable shooter understands the necessity of pistol grips when it is all about the ar15 rifle.

It allows you to shoot precise. Pistol grips rifles began as an experiment at the first days of percussion rifles.

Think out of the box, With the greater prominence and strategic efficacy of rifles, pistol grips became an important part. This is particularly true due to their effectiveness during rapid and battle shooting. There is a saying, a good pistol grip maker provides you top-shelf build quality, quality, and aesthetics.

Therefore, the large part, what you pick will probably come down to personal preference. I’d even say that if you adhere to some trusted manufacturer, you honestly can’t really go wrong no matter what you pick. Don’t miss any essential term that every passionate shooter needs to know. There are limitless variable available out there and questions to answer before you opt for a pistol grip to your AR-15 rifle.

Your Intended Use

Keep in mind, it is something which decides what your handgun grips should be. Therefore, make sure as to what usage you’re going to be placing your rifle too. Using grips with AR-15 makes it useful.

However, it could be goal shooting, fun plinking, contests, rapid shooting, combat-like outlines or a mixture of all of these. That’s because different grips differ in their own plastic, construction, texture, and pricing. That means you ought to be clear about your planned usage.

According to the global statics,90% foundation of quantifying a pistol grip’ efficacy is the relaxation it gives. Individuals with bigger palms often suffer from smaller grips. Ambidextrous grips are the most typical. However, some prefer a “handed” grip for a much better match. In the end, it is your pick.

Storage Space

Moreover, everyone should be aware of the available space it has. Paradoxically, pistol grips may also be appropriated as storage. There is a cavity which you should know. However, the hollow cavity inside pistol grips may also be used to store items such as bandages, survival equipment, batteries for optics. Just try to find that foundation lid when you purchase.

Material & Texture

Don’t forget there are a few notable grips are going to have a checkered finish over these to enhance the grip. However, it may wind up bruising your palms within longer shooting sessions. So take into consideration the weight, feel and comfort with all the material before picking out a pistol grip to your AR-15.

As like all another issue, what material is using to produce grips? Generators also offer you rubberized coating on several grips. Out of the so many other factors what materials are being used that is another vital issue.

Finger Grooves

However, finger grooves are a useful method to make the most of your grip and maintain it even more streamlined. To keep your helpful hand and active any way you want it must ensure a finger glove.

Finger grooves, particularly on a rubberized grip, may work wonders in hot, slippery surroundings. But, people with thick palms may have difficulty fitting their hands in those grooves. Some people today adore it, and for a few it’s bothersome. Hence, pistol grips can be found in conventional and reduced traction angle variations.

The low grip is somewhat angled along with the typical one is right. Your choice may have an impact on your own stance.

In the long run, it is a matter of comfort and decision. A palm shelf, as its name implies, is a swelled foundation from the clasp that will assist you to get a resting foundation on your hands while shooting. A palm shelf is also essential for individuals with large hands.

Durability, Appearance, And Cost

Everybody expects a pistol grips which should be durable and cost-effective. Therefore, pistol grips nowadays are usually made from aluminum, fiberglass or similar substances that are lightweight and nearly indestructible.

Nobody expects fewer durable gears when it’s all going for your personal uses. Therefore, nobody wants to change the grips every following year. Let them happen what you cannot solve the problem, but it must not allow going wrong when everything depends upon you.

It allows your AR-15 grip excellent durability. However, it may be a reason when you’re obsessed with all the appearance of your rifle, but it is probably not a fantastic idea to sacrifice comfort for great looks.

Have a look at various materials, sizes and designs to pick the right for you. The final point to explore for in a pistol grip is the cost since it isn’t a very costly accessory.

Top 6 Reviews Of The Best AR-15 Pistol Grips

At last, we reached our destination and listed here the market best grips which are exceptionally suitable for the ar15 rifle. I was going through extensive research on different grips for an AR-15 gun.

I have come up with all of their very best pistol grips for AR-15. I can show you the recommendations of these products to allow you to know the qualities and know which one is going to fit your requirements.

All the AR-15 grips that I mentioned below drop in a reasonable budget and are trusted and quality loaded products.

The Magpul AR-15 MOE

I am not sure whether you are familiar with this brand not but let me tell you first, the Magpul is one of the dominant weapon equipment producers. Hence, it includes a single-piece layout that may be set up and disassembled quickly.

The excellent features of the grips which has a crackle arrangement on the sides along with a deep horizontal groove on the front strap and back strap. Although providing you enhanced grip under sweaty problems.

Remember, the Magpul AR-15 MOE pistol grip includes a standard design using a right grip. It is aesthetically pleasing, provides excellent value for money, and works with several different firearms. It is suitable even for individuals with little hands due to not having finger grooves.

It could be a reason, there’s an end cap to allow you to store things at the cavity. It is excellent for a variety of treatments which range from self-indulgent to target practice and also for many shooters from novice to experts.

However, the main reason is that the range of accessories that the kit has and also the quality of its components. None of them can satisfy you until you reach the right grips which exactly meet your expectation.

Hogue AR-15 Pistol Grip

The excellent supper grips have finger grooves, and palm swells to provide you that fat, tender feeling and relaxation at the same time you shoot. The ergonomic design provides more comfort and averts any lumps even when you’re shooting your rifle daily long.

The finger grooves are broad enough to be comfy to get a normal-sized palm. It matches perfectly with no need for any alterations or trimming.

Comparing the other grips within the same budget range, I found a little more potential if you are looking for price-friendly grips for ar 15. The only drawback is not having storage space,

So you are going to need to find someplace else to maintain your batteries, compass or bandaids. There is nothing more you can expect from it at this price.

Tangodown Bg-7 Rifle Grip

Don’t play with unnecessary things like using those gears which really don’t need but you must assure a grip for your firearms. Therefore, with a challenging molded-polymer structure, the Tangodown BG-7 rifle clasp is ideal for shooters with large hands.

But, that does not mean it will not suit ordinary or small-handed men and women. The clasp includes a curved beavertail to match perfectly to the receiver belt. The curved backstrap assists with minimizing fatigue and enhance trigger-to-grip positioning.

The central aspect of going with the BG-7 is that the large storage compartment, which may be used to keep numerous batteries combined with a few other little stuff. The storage space has a fantastic cap and is watertight.

Bravo Company AR-15 Mod 3 Gunfighter Grip

It may seem newly brand but believe me, this one is excellent for flexibility and comfortability.

However, the impact-resistant and plastic structure together with the angle and ergonomic design makes it incredible.

Once it helps you to choose and replace your factory traction. The Gunfighter grip includes a diminished angle to boost gun control. This means it is perfect for a ‘squared-off’ posture while shooting instead of the conventional bladed position.

The textured surface provides a better grasp whereas both modular trigger guard functions may be used to close the gap between the trigger guard and the traction. The grip includes a hinged lid onto the bottom along with also a water-resistant storage compartment, big enough to keep a few batteries and other tiny products.

Magpul Miad Gen 1.1 Grip Kit

The MIAD is an easy drop-in replacement for your factory grip. As like others top-end pistol grips this one also manufactured from wrought iron polymer, besides the kit contains a key pin system, a detachable rubber center with a 1/2 ounce.

As usually the lubrication jar at the cap, two leading strap and 2 beavertail backstrap inserts, together with installment hardware.

Everything keeps more natural and beautiful after assisting the grips with your pistol. The Front and rear strap inserts are simple to set up. It is happening because the slide effortlessly across the primary grip and snap securely eliminating the necessity to utilize any screws or pliers.

Keep in mind one things about the grips, it has a typical layout with crackled texture on the sides along with horizontal grooves at the Front. Suitable for all hand sizes and most of the planned uses which range from self-indulgent to plinking. A one-stop alternative at an adequate cost.

BCM Gunfighter MOD-3

If you are not familiar with the name, then let me clear all the things about the drip. However, this is going to be my last review. Yet, you should know that there is going a different aim is pistol grip layout is towards grips using a diminished grip angle. You can expect everything which a novice shooter expects from a pistol grip.

Most probably this is the reason why the vertical nature of the clasp promotes a more squared stance rather than your bladed stance that is becoming less and less popular with time. The low grip angle is best for AR-15 pistols too. The grip sets your wrist and hand in a neutral place when shouldered.

The BCM is one grip that provides a diminished grip angle and an excellent ergonomics. However, the entire Bravo Company USA product lineup has received excellent reviews from customers, and I am no exception. In reality, I will probably be using this exact same traction on an approaching AR-15 pistol construct.

In the end, it offers a small palm swell that actually leaves the grip feel good in most hands, big or small. Additionally, it includes a weather-resistant storage compartment for keeping extra batteries or other accessories.

Hence, the clasp includes a brand-new bolt and washer. But you have to buy another detent spring or maintain your old one.


A pistol grip may be an awesome update for the AR-15. It enables you to feel comfier as you take, thereby improving your accuracy. A fantastic grip can help you run long shooting sessions with no palms becoming bruised. In addition to this, an excellent grip offers some storage room to allow you to add a few additional things like batteries, little compass, lens cleaner, which you may otherwise forget.