The Best Magazine Speed Loaders For AR-15│AR-15 Magazine Speed Loader Reviews

Loading magazines fast is a common requirement of every shooter. And you also expect such a fast loading magazine. Isn’t it?

It is particularly true for shooters who prefer to have to burn off a whole lot of rounds the scope. To help people out of the undertaking, designers came up with magazine speed loaders.

Therefore every magazine speed loader should be fast, effortless and precise. However, ar 15 magazine speed loaders are available in many different patterns, and also a lot of them are in the industry.

Today, I will talk about a mag loader capacity besides different kinds of mag loaders are available, and one is going to be the right for you.

Quick Comparison Chart Of The Best AR-15 Mag Speed Loaders

I will also review the best magazine speed loaders among them so that it will assist you in making your purchasing decision.

What Magazine Loader Really Is?

First thing first, It goes a hard time to get load fast of shooting a semi-auto pistol or gun is loading bullets to the magazines.

When you take many rounds that the magazine spring does all of the jobs of pushing up the bullets into the chamber, but until it can you’ve got to do all of the tasks of pushing them down to the mag.

Moreover, filling a box or 2 values of rounds into a magazine by hand may leave your hands sore and bloated.

Therefore, the more your palms damage, the slower the loading moves, fast sucking all of the joy from a fun time in the scope.

Also, It is the place where the magazine loader comes from. In other words, A magazine loader is a straightforward device that ignites the magazine spring to you and permits you to add rounds with minimal effort and without distress easily.

Why Use Magazine Speed Loaders?

if loading fast is your desired requirement than it is the only way to get better and faster shooting.

Another word, if you want to practice loading magazines, do it on your own time. If you are a serious shooter, the mag pump is an absolute necessity.

Different Types of magazine Loaders

As we know, there are several distinct designs of mag loaders available on the market. A number of the popular ones are subject loaders seat loaders, stripper loaders and hopper feeds.

There are some magazine loaders which mostly known with the expression LULA that stands for”loading and unloading accessory”.

As you know, a secure LULA mag loader simply sits over the surface of the magazine and also may be used to load or load rounds by using a simple lever.

Such LULA loaders are easy and compact to transport. Simply pull it from your pocket and start loading rounds.

Moreover, there is another type of loader that is seat loaders. As its name suggests, you want to set them on a seat to function. The magazine is clutched on one side and rounds are put side by the team at the center cavity of this bench leader.

Once complete, a latch in the opposite end of this loader is pushed all of the ways to the magazine’s mind, and all of the rounds only slide. These loaders are high for a variety of shooters who need to load a whole lot of mags fast. Bench loaders, nevertheless, can’t unload the magazines.

Another sort of loaders is stripper loaders. The rounds have been fed on a strip. The loader is subsequently set on the magazine’s thoughts along with the piece is slowly slid down, finally loading the magazine. Stripper loaders may also be used to unload rounds out of a magazine.

Also, A less-popular mag loader one of the AR-15 users is your hopper feed loader. It’s mostly a seat feeder but using a separate mechanism.

It’s a secure hopper feed mechanism in which rounds have been fed to the top cavity, and the hopper is subsequently repeatedly pushed down and up to load the mag.

Hopped feeds have more exceptional capabilities (90 rounds could be fed in 1 move ). However, These are extremely useful for fast mass loading of mags simultaneously. To the contrary, these cannot be used for unloading rounds.

Is A Mag Loader Really Faster?

It’s difficult to answer in a single word, but there’s a decent amount of argument about whether a loader is worth it.

And it comes down to a simple. Keep in mind, using a magazine speed loader is obviously quicker than hand-loading rounds. But that “possibly” identifies the ability of this loader in some instances.

Therefore, Without having any trouble, I can say a mag loader is quicker than handloading. However, when a person isn’t so fast with preparing a loader, the resulting gap (5-6 seconds) may not be significant.

However, it’s better to remember that, using mag loaders does speed the process up and safeguards you from accidental scratches, bruises, and pains in your hands.

Some people today suffer from issues like hand arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Therefore loading magazines can be severe pain for them. Mag loaders are necessarily a blessing for these men and women.

On the other hand, Mag loaders are also exceptionally beneficial for men and women that have to load a lot of magazines simultaneously.

However, it looks like almost 3 gun shooting contests, target practice, analyzing or accessible plinking. Those small profits on each mag do add up!

Reviews of the Best AR-15 Magazine Speed Loaders

As we know what a mag loader does and what are the various kinds on the marketplace. Therefore you most likely have determined by now regarding which version you’re likely to use. To assist you further, we’ve examined the best magazine speed loader of every type available on the industry.

1. Butler Creek AR-15- (ASAP Universal Magazine Loader)

Let me introduce the first mag loader named Butler Creek AR-15 ASAP as the Universal Magazine Loader out of Butler Creek is a three-in-one magazine loader. You can load rounds by one, use the extendable arm to load 10 rounds simultaneously or utilize military-style stripper clips onto it.

Therefore, keep in mind that the loader is compatible just with 5.56 NATO/.223 REM cartridges that’s fine if you’re using it mainly to your AR-15. The loader is created in the united states, assuring you in regards to the high quality and proper customer care.

The Butler Creek ASAP (Universal AR-15_M16 Magazine Loader) allows AR-15 owners to spend more time shooting and less time standing around, loading mags with sore thumbs.

On the other hand, the mag loader may be used in the shooting range to load rounds immediately. The shallow price point and multi-functionality make it a fantastic selection for regular shooters.

Features In Short:

  • Universal Magazine Loader
  • Fast Load
  • Easy To Use
  • Lockable
  • Allow to Load A Single Round At A Time
  • Up To 10 Rounds Load In A Single Push
  • Compatible Only With 5.56 Nato/.223 Rem.
  • Made In The USA

Pros In Short:

  • 3-in-one Loading Methods
  • Cost-Effective
  • Made In The USA
  • Quick Operation
  • Used With Military-style Stripper Clips
  • Easy To Operate

Cons In Short:

  • Compatible With Only 5.56 Nato

2. Maglula Ltd. AR-15/M-16 Mag Loader

This is our second chose as the version is a streamlined, uncomplicated and easy-to-carry magazine loader in the renowned mag loader producer Maglula.

Even the mag loader can load and load rounds immediately one-by-one with only a push of the lever. It is suitable for those who have finger arthritis, carpal tunnel or some other issues for that issue.

On the other hand, the loader firmly grasps the magazine lips and prevents its use and tear. It works perfectly well with the polymer in addition to metal mags. Moreover, the mag loader is compatible just with 5.56 NATO and is still a fantastic selection for competitive shooting.

Also suitable for strategic applications, and target practice. However, the loader includes quality construction and can be very resistant to tear and wear, such as on hunting trips.

Features In Short:

  • Fast Loading
  • Saves Overworked Fingers & Thumbs
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Black-polymer Loader Saves Fingers,
  • Lockable
  • Triangular Pieces Of Plastic Securely Grasp Rounds
  • Adjustable

Pros In Short:

  • Lightweight And Compact
  • Easy And Quick Adjusting
  • Safe For Unloading Mags
  • Quality Construction

Cons In Short:

  • Loads Only One Round At A Time

3. Maglula Ltd. AR-15/M-16 Striplula

The Striplula is one of the famous and reliable mag loaders from Maglula Ltd. As the strip loader when coupled with stripper clips may load you a 30 round magazine in under 10 minutes.

If you do not have these stripper clips, then it is possible to load the rounds separately on the stripper and slide down it.

The Striplula includes a unique plastic structure and will help save you time and palms. It’s compatible with .223 and .224 calibers. The loader is priced, and there are not any downsides it is possible to find.

It is ideal for hunting, self-defense, strategic and target practice. Lightweight magazine loader provides fast, painless 30-round magazine loading in less than 13 seconds.

Features In Short:

  • Easy To Use
  • Thumb-saving
  • Lightweight
  • Load 30-round Magazine withing 10 seconds
  • Accepts 10-round Stripper Clips
  • Ambidextrous.

Pros In Short:

  • Quality Construction
  • Lightweight
  • Quick Adjusting
  • Precise And Effortless
  • Inexpensive

Cons In Short:

  • None That We Could Find!

4. Command Arms Acc Rifle Magazine Loader

Allow me to share another well know loader as The Command Arms mag loader is a secure pushbutton loader that safeguards your thumb while loading rounds.

The ACC mag loader attaches firmly to magazine lips, and everything you need to do is simply put in the rounds and then soda up the lever.

On the other hand, the loader lines the rounds up itself so that you do not need to meddle much with all the mechanics.

Moreover, the loader can be used with .22 calibers and is compact enough to carry in your pocket. When there are quicker loaders out there on the current market, you can not expect anything more of a mag loader at the price point.

Full thumb pad provides plenty of leverage to compress the magazine spring, even when close to full capacity.

Features In Short:

  • Quick Attesting And remove
  • Easy-to-use
  • Inexpensive
  • Lockable
  • Lightweight
  • Stanag-compatible Mags.
  • Rugged, Molded Polymer Construction

Pros In Short:

  • Quality Construction
  • Easy Adjusting
  • Compact And Small In Size
  • Low Price
  • Lightweight

Cons In Short:

  • Not Very Fast
  • Feeds Only One Round At A Time

5. AR-15 Magpump Hopper Fed Magazine Loader

This is our last selection as the Magpump mag loader comes with a hopper-fed mechanism that may be utilized to load magazines in outstanding speeds. All you will need is to ditch the rounds simultaneously to the hopper with no requirement for alignment.

Therefore, the user just has to twist the handle, as well as the rounds, have rich in the magazine attached under the hopper. The security mechanism guarantees that the cartridges aren’t in the wrong path while being fed at the magazine.

Load as quickly as you can crank the handle and take care of the copper supply. The hopper feeder may load .223 REM, 5.56 NATO and .300 Blackout rounds.

It’s offered in aluminum in addition to aluminum variations and may be mounted to virtually any stage. The one thing which may disturb you is the price tag. However, the features are well worth paying for this.

Features In Short:

  • Fast Loading
  • Adjustable with multiple guns
  • Simply Dump Loose Ammo Into The Hopper
  • Having A Safety System Inside The Mag
  • Baseplate Can Mount To The Bench Or Other Platforms
  • Lightweight

Pros In Short:

  • Super-quick Loading Tool
  • No Need For Pre-staging Rounds
  • Reduced Loading Time By 50%
  • Available In Polymer And Aluminum

Cons In Short:

  • Expensive
  • Stays Fixed


As I mentioned earlier, the magazine speed loaders are a highly effective and smart way to load your magazines together with less effort and at the shortest possible time. But it’s not as easy as we think since there are various kinds of mag loaders out there on the current market, which means you need to check out and decide what works best for personally.

Therefore, If you enjoy loading mags in the scope, choose a streamlined version. If you enjoy doing your job in your home or will need to feed a good deal of rounds. Then opt for the strip Lula or hopper feeders. Finally, a mag loader will probably be saving you more time and will secure your hands and magazines out of any harm.

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