Best AR-15 Ambidextrous Safety Selectors│Ambidextrous For AR-15 Guide-2020

It takes a lot to manage the best ambidextrous safety selector for AR-15 since AR-15 ambidextrous safety selector is a crucial part of an AR-15 rifle. Therefore, As the owner of an ar-15 rifle, You shouldn’t be overlooked on ambidextrous safety selector since it is a must-have part of every ar-15 rifle. Security first.

On the other hand, there is a big chance to lose such a valuable rifle. No way to keep AR-15 rifle insecure. Having The best Ambidextrous Safety Selector can be an effective solution to get rid of such a problem. Except for the amount it takes, you should ensure the best ambidextrous safety selector to avoid all the possible risk.

However, the security selector can create your shooting more straightforward and quicker. On the other hand, having the right ambidextrous safety selector is useful considering the security for the people around you such as your family or friends.

Therefore, stay tuned and keep reading the following guideline and reviews to find the best ambidextrous safety selector and we also discussed the benefits using a safety selector. There is one thing for the security Selector spring is the fact that it appears much like the two-pin springs comprised at a parts kit that is decreased.

However, the easiest way to tell the difference would be to play with the “one of those things isn’t like another” match, but the Safety Selector Spring is more straightforward compared to the other two and also certainly looks different.

Quick Comparison Chart of The Best AR-15 Safety Selectors

There is nothing but one reason I have utilized the Magpul M.O.E. Pistol Grip with this particular ambidextrous safety selector. The one is selected because of its flexibility of having the ability to house a spare bolt and firing pin in the storage center.

They have Magpul Pistol Grips capable as you’re able to have a spare firing pin and bolt and this is great if you’ve got more than 1 A.R. and then change the center.

Ambidextrous Safety Selector Upgrade

It all becomes the fundamental requirement for AR-15 owners as the ambidextrous security is highly effective for both men and women. However, there is no means that all will accept the same. By way of instance, If there is someone planing to shoots at an array with his right hand. ambidextrous safety selector may not be very essential.

On the other hand, there is a way if you are someone not so much concern about the duration of time, then I highly recommend you to consider an AR-15 Ambidextrous Safety Selector switch. It must meet your expectation or requirements. Furthermore, after getting enough speed from your ar-15. your rifle deserves a big thanks alone with me since I assist you a bit by sharing my guideline on ar-15 the Ambidextrous Safety Selector.

You may feel to share about your rifle. Therefore, you need someone to left-handed the selector, which is a beautiful idea. I can show you one more example of ambidextrous safety selectors which are more faster, secured and reliable comparing with ordinary safety selector.

Hence, It’s possible to put on the safety using the hand instead of using your thumb. there is a minimum time required to use the safety selector since experience is also mattered for being an ideal user of ar-15.

For those that take part in conditions, ambidextrous safety selector can support in bettering shoulders and hands.

90 Vs. 45 Degree Safety Selectors

There are so many misconceptions about the degree of safety selector although I am trying to show the differences between the security selector using a 45-degree angle.

So, the theory behind it’s that rather than rotating your security in M16 or an A.R. All this help it to be more state forward to operate and control.

There are also several A.R. owners who are at the 90 levels camp and gradually they learned from it and improve their firing skill with taking care of firearms.

As they don’t believe it worthwhile to unlearn their beloved customs to train together with all the original selector, even though it increases their velocity.

Moreover, All the owners are welcome their safeties to be readily manipulated by the opportunity without confronting any problems operating their firearms.

Disadvantages of Using Ambidextrous Safety Selector

Take a comprehensive look and see how things work since there are a few things unexpectedly occur for a safety selector. It doesn’t matter at all when you securely lock the trigger or away pointed together with the defeated. However, it’s the easiest way to make sure security and probably will strike on your finger.

The way to get rid of the problems by creating the levers shorter or offering triggers. This also aids the security clear this shooter’s cause finger.

On the other hand, when working the rifle with one 11, another matter is confronted. There’s not an issue shifting your shooting hand as soon as the flip side supports the majority of the weapon to function as security.

Reviews of The Best Security Selectors For Your AR- 15

We have made a series of reviews on different ambidextrous security selectors for your AR- 15, keeping the simplicity of function and build quality. It took a lot to make a reliable list of best Security Selectors for AR- 15 though I did it.

1.Flight Simulator Development Inc/ The Best AR- 15 Ambidextrous Safety Selector

Probably, you didn’t hear about the safety selector yet I keep it on top of my list because the best always deserve the position. The Flight Simulator Development Inc always produce quality gear or accessories for any kinds of firearms such as an ar-15 rifle.

However, you can expect all the possible service from the Flight Simulator Development Inc Ambidextrous Safety Selector.

As I said, the selector is created of heat-treated 12L14 steel, and there are two primary colors available out there such as black and light colors.

On the other hand, the security selector has levers on either side of the recipient for simple ambidextrous operation.

You may have noticed the big surface area while it is needed when using your firearms by wearing gloves and removes mishandling in the night. It includes a wrench and screws.

Therefore, I say it is incredibly durable, simple to put in, and also a fantastic price. You might want to do a little bit of filing.

2.V Seven Weapon Systems- Second Best AR-15 Ambidextrous Selector

This is another ar-15 matched Ambidextrous Selector. You should know the background of this V Seven Weapon Systems since the brand is widely known because of using high-quality metal. However, the safety selector used solid titanium. Used grade 5 titanium to make the safety selector more secure and effective.

However, It may be set up at 57° & 90° Lever Touch Alternatives. You are allowed to use the safety selector with multiple ar rifle such as ar-15,ar-10, etc.

Moreover, you are getting a premium looking safety selector as well as it is extremely lightweight since the safety selector made from titanium. The safety selector comes with screws for installation.

3.Knights Armament- The Best AR- 15 Ambidextrous Safety Kit

Let me introduce another safety kit as the selector kit is made of steel and fits SR25/LR -308 receivers or standard AR- 15.

Hence, It comprises three distinct levers, letting you pick the location or the dimensions which is suitable for you.

It is possible to choose from a lever, a semi-scalloped lever that’s minimally obtrusive, or a sign arrow which provides visual confirmation of the shooting mode of this rifle.

I don’t think even a beginner face difficulty to set up; you simply get rid of a recessed setscrew to swap the lever that is secondhand.

And the last easy-to-install kit is a fantastic price, looks beautiful and works with lots of firearms. It has a tendency to rust. There are two common colors available for the safety selector such as black and gray.

4.Colt Ambidextrous Safety Selector Lever

The colt is highly known because of their quality accessories and it produces very useful gear. The safety selector what I’m talking about is made from high-quality material such as steel and titanium. You are allowed to use this safety selector with multiple rifles.

However, you should know that the safety selector doesn’t have Allen key so you have to make your decision final before stepping to the safety selector for the ar-15 rifle. On the other hand, the safety selector comes with two common colors such as black and silver.

Finally, it is a fantastic price. It is sturdy, safe, and easy to connect and compatible with several rifles.

Here is another well know Ambidextrous Safety for AR- 15 As the security selector in D.P.M.S. comes in two versions; the LR-08B is for, and the LR-08C is for full-auto rifles.

This selector has the lever on either side of the receiver. It swings through precisely the exact same arc as the standard safety.

It won’t interfere with grip position or thumb placement. It’s constructed from steel and has a black finish.

It’s simple to install and matches nicely with firearms. And it is a fantastic value for the purchase price.

How To Install The Security Selector On An AR- 15?

  • It is the most essential point that every ar15 owner should know to fix the inventory security shooting and ambidextrous functionality.
  • Therefore keep reading to follow those steps, when you are ready to put in security, and consult with our movie for reference:
  • Make sure your new security is nearby and prepared, as like the first one I mentioned” Battle Simulator Development Inc.
  • Ensure Your own pair of hex keys. However, you may need you for placing the security to eliminate yet another and your traction. Don’t forget to mount correctly your rifle using a compacted top and lower receiver.
  • Use the hex key to make it Loosen the grip. There always need a useful pistol grip to keep it secured. Eliminate the grip’s twist thread, Be careful about detent and spring.
  • Use the hammer to eliminate the security and set on your reliable protection.
  • Reinstall the clasp, ensuring the spring and detent are inappropriate positions. Screw from the security’s other hand.
  • End placing back the gun unitedly. Well-wishings! You have security in your AR- 15!
  • Then, mount the vent side of the Ambidextrous Safety Selector to the Lower Part Receiver, It must be attested in the right direction.
  • Make sure a lower Receiver under the Vise Block. It helps to get very suitable grips in which the pistol grip will fasten to.
  • Affix the other side of The Ambidextrous Safety Selector then use the inserted hex wrench, tighten the screw thread. Witness marks support also.
  • Since this may hurt your scenarios, leave your hands on it that it does get thrown ahead.
  • Oversaw the cause, making sure that the hammer does not release and the security is doing its job.
  • Keep your hands on the hammer and then rotate the Security Selector to”fire” You need to feel that the discharge when the cause is squeezed by you.
  • While maintaining the sad trigger guide forwards it. Proceed the hammer into the back and listen to it participate the disconnector.
  • While maintaining your thumb, Publish the trigger. You will notice the movement slightly while it engages the trigger and disengages in the disconnector.


I highly recommend taking an ambidextrous safety selector as per your requirement since there are plenty of choosing options. Therefore, make your own requirement before stepping to any ordinary safety selector. You should know that What works for you might not work for others even using the same featured Saftey selectors

Therefore, depending on your requirements I listed a few safety selectors so that you can get up with a clear idea about different safety selector for ar-15. fast and smoothly with both hands or are left-handed, think about one of the choices.