About Me

Sharing the essential update on firearms modification, improve target acquisition and make sure firearms safety and security with proper grips over the firearms are the pre-destination of the blog.

I am honored to those readers, who supported me to write such comprehensive and resourceful guideline for firearms owner.

Anyway, my name is “Joe Dispenza,” I am carrying passionate on modification of firearms and improve the performance since my childhood.

Indeed, I was inspired by my grandfather, who was a retired army officer. We made several hunting campaigns together when I was 15.

I got a lot from him, and still, I follow his policy to take care of my firearms. Because of him, I got the chance to come closer with many weapons.

However, A few days back, I made a plane to run a blog when I can share useful information about different firearms and also sharing the procedure to improve the performance of weapons.

I also share tips on all aspects of firearms modification and safety. I hope you will find the posts informational and inspiring.

I expect you to be a regular blog reader and if you have any query about my blog writing, please feel free to leave a comment. I am waiting to back from you. 

Therefore, I welcome everyone to follow our guideline to enrich your handgun grips. Thank you for reading my website.