The best 1911 magazines (2019): high capacity magazines for Pistol

A semi-automatic pistol is just as reliable as its own magazines, and also the old 1911 is no exclusion. Anyway, you think, the magazine is probably the most crucial part of any semi-automatic firearm. Isn’t it? Therefore, without having a useful magazine, your weapon only won’t feed or be correct as it should, and it is as straightforward as that.

By the way, possessing a top excellent magazine is the very best option for averting reliability problems. Therefore, make sure that your pistol works well once you require it to the supreme. That’s the reason for using the best magazine to your 1911.

Moreover, there are a rather vast array of different magazines on the market. Therefore as an experienced shooter, I am going to go over the various kinds of 1911 magazines which can meet your requirement. I am also going to discuss the principal factors to consider when purchasing a 1911 magazine. Keep in mind, the absolute best makes of 1911 magazines which money can buy.

Quick Comparison Chart Of The best 1911 magazines

Different Types Of Magazines For 1911

Get to the point directly, there are many different types of magazines that are available out there. If we list the main types of magazines for 1911, it can be broken into three main types.

G.I. Magazines Feed Lips

I am not sure whether you are already familiar with The G.I. Spec Magazine or not. However, its name implies is a 1911 magazine that’s highly useful for 1911 handgun. This is such magazine which was issued to American G.I. militaries. Probably, this was the cause they back when 1911 was the standard issue of the United States military.

Probably this is the reason for the high capacity, these magazines usually have a capacity of just seven rather than eight rounds. Indeed, the magazine was made concerning to operate with FMJ ammunition only. That’s why, they’re not the best overall alternative, at least not to get 1911 meant for defensive usage.

Hybrid Feed Lips

This is very common type mag for 1911. The hybrid magazine is designed to improve functionality and stress-free use. The magazine allows you to take rounds to spring loose from the controller. All these tasks take no more time to get ready fast your pistol. From my own experience, I would like to say, they’re a much better option compared to G.I. magazines if you would like to utilize jacketed hollow point ammo.

Wadcutter Magazines Feed Lips

Finally, I am going to talk about the most common types that are wadcutter magazine. The Wadcutter magazines designed concerning the JHP ammo and also to stop double feeds.

Therefore, it allows shorter rounds to be placed into the magazine and also to utilize precisely the same sort of feeding angle for a rifle magazine.

How to choose a high capacity magazine for 1911 pistol?

As like all other accessories it does not very start for forwarding to manage a friendly magazine for 1911 handgun.

Therefore, I would like to say, there are a couple of aspects you will require to take under account when it’s about finding the best 1911 magazines.

Below we are a group of specialist noted down all the essential factors that everyone should consider when choosing a 1911 magazine:

Manufacturer Reputation

A good well is something that money cannot buy. Therefore, probably the single most significant factor of all is that the standing of the producer. Hence, the particular true when you’re first time planning to use the most wanted 1911 pistol. Therefore, you only want your rifle to feed without needing to devote a great deal of cash.

The best producers of 1911 magazines?

Undoubtedly, there are one more high-quality producers of 1911 magazines, such as all the following:

  • Colt
  • Mec-Gar
  • Wilson
  • Power Mag
  • Tripp Industries
  • Metalform
  • Chop McCormick

All these names of a manufacturer that I listed are the best-selling 1911 magazines on the planet. The produce the best word class magazines for 1911. Therefore, they ought to be your best option.


After all, people are so sensitive with open carry of any firearms. Therefore, you have to take such a product with assuring concealment for your pistol. The topic of concealment shouldn’t bother you a lot. Finally, you need a magazine that’s easy to hide, lest the gun loses its significance.

Hence, the best 1911 magazines may have flush span capsules, thus making them simple to hide. On the other hand, if the magazine you’re searching for could be utilized on the more massive guns.

Budget Range

Through magazines is a very tiny part of your pistol but it decides all the functionality of a gun. Isn’t it? However, a decent budget is also required to get the best one. There are in the majority of cases consistently also economical in quality and functionality.

That’s why, to put it differently, it’s always practically right that the more expensive comes with standard quality and functionality. Hence, having a decent budget, the cost is vital.

To be more specific so many qualities 1911 magazines are all offered for your $20 to $30 range. You should not need to pay more than that. As I knew a magazine will in most cases cost $20 or a little more. For those who, therefore, locate a product selling for $10, the price will probably be overly sweet; hence you ought to think twice.


Indeed, there are plenty of unuseful mags. Actually, presser refers to the strain from the springs of these publications. There are plenty of magazines such as different guns have various pressures inside them. To be honest, the 1911 magazines possess higher forces at the springs for increased functionality, which is more potent for you.

Craftworks and Finishing

Everyone wants a magazine that works better at the same time it should be gorgeous. A number of the best 1911 magazines, even though they are being averted. Which will include a few gratifying reflective endings on them?

Hence so many conventional shiny products utilized to lack an excellent grip which affecting the reload; thus they were being averted. Therefore the steer clear of a magazine not since it’s shiny but instead because its bright end impacts other significant functional capabilities.

On the other hand, an unusually glistening finish can equate to some poor grasp, especially if your hands are slippery out of sweat or water.

Finally, the solution is going to be best to prevent 1911 magazines which using a naturally shiny finish. Lastly, the magazine ought to be secure with no flimsy spring without a rattling of any type.

Non-Stick or Ease of Use

Who doesn’t want a magazine that is very easy to use? I think the magazine would be a great fit with you as the 1911 magazines won’t stick from the grip of this 1911. On the other hand, you can quickly eject when hit on the magazine launch. Isn’t is not easy to use an uncomfortable magazine with 1911 as the magazines are the ones who should be slick and smooth to insert.

Hence you should know you will have to continue adding and ejecting your magazine out of your gun. Unfortunately, people make a lot of mistakes at this point. The majority of the people continuously forget this aspect; nevertheless, it requires a whole lot of consideration.

Aftermarket Magazines are Fine

Finding one more option is good for us, but we must take it consciously. However, aftermarket magazines to your 1911 from particular third-party manufacturers ought to be OK.

But in practical, frequently, a third-party magazine like a “Wilson Combat” or “Chip McCormick.” which will perform more faithfully than the one sent using the gun in the manufacturer.

Top 4 Reviews on The Best 1911 Magazines

After making an extensive research on different Magazines available for the 1911 pistol we found the best 5 top rated magazines. Undoubtedly, all these are not the same for performance. Finally, to get the exact idea, please go through my update.

Metalform – 1911 9MM Magazines

Probably this is the most common and useful 9MM Magazines for 1911. The magazine comes with a lot of advanced. The magazine designed to be more capable of 9-rounds consistently.

The material of the magazine should be reliable as the metal consistent with a blued carbon natural-finish stainless steel structure and measures roughly 5-inches. You are allowed to chose between the flat steel or the curved steel follower alternatives. Each of them is designed to provide a sequential positive round feeding regardless of the bullet types.

Keep in mind that, it is the premier American-designed and assembled magazine for your 1911 pistol forms. Therefore, the magazine is primarily intended for the colt, and it has shown over time to become among the best 1911 magazines for these sorts of firearms.

However, the item isn’t just durable but also attractive to the eye because of the caliber stainless steel structure that’s stainless matter completed.

Pros in short:

Extremely durable

The accuracy of all bullets types

Concave safety

Holds an additional round

Extremely Easy to clean

Versatile For accepting bumper pads too

Extra Front Ramp Configuration

Welded Base features.

Cons in short:

Will not perform well with the Kimber

COLT – 1911 (22LR Magazines)

Unsure about how many of 1911 user heard about this magazine. Actually, it was designed for its 22LR caliber. It includes a power of 12 and consists of a stainless-steel end. The Colt 22LR 1911 magazine is just one of the least expensive good quality magazines.

However, it’s been fabricated with the same substances and to the exact same tolerance and specifications what you are probably looking for. On the other hand, the magazine is useable with the 1911 Colt strategic rimfire. Moreover, here is a recommendation for the newbie who’s still running on a strict budget.

Remember, this can be the final option. It’s the top 1911 magazine in a price assortment of approximately $20.

Pros in short:

Extremely durable

Stainless steel construction.

Supper performance and accuracy

Capable of 10 and 12-round

Budget-friendly magazine

Cons in short:

The magazine can only fit the 1911 Colt rimfire pistols produced by Walther.

Nighthawk Custom – 1911 Stainless Steel Magazines

Let me introduce you to another excellent magazine made by Nighthawk. Moreover, the Nighthawk Custom comes with different features of what always a shooter expecting for. Therefore, it includes a stainless-steel construction and features a standard .45 ACP base pad.

Think out of the box, Don’t limit your ability by taking a sick magazine. Furthermore, the magazine ensures loading along with the excess length for increased grip. It comes from the 8(Authorities) and also the 7 round capability options.

The body also features a smooth welded seam which has carefully been polished for the elimination of burrs and rough spots that could otherwise snag the follower. For users who want higher capacities such as 12-round capacity, this magazine only offers a maximum of 8-round capacity option.

Therefore I can assure you this one is just one of the best model for 1911. Consequently, the managing magazine with fantastic ergonomics and durability attributes. No more difficulties to easily slide into from this gun. Therefore, it is excellent in regards to loading and offloading capacity.

Pross in short:

Great Ergonomics

Extra-thick stainless-steel construction

Capable of Hard tolerance

Durability and versatile.

7 or the 8 capacity magazine options.

Good Protection

Cons in short:

higher capacities such as 12-round capacity.

Tripp Research, Inc. (1911 45ACP Cobra Magazine)

Most probably you are looking for a magazine something different like 1911 45ACP Cobra Magazine. Whatever the magazine includes a stainless steel frame that’s complemented with a hybrid polymer/steel. That ensures the best durability comparing with all others managing existing on the marketplace.

Indeed the managing was designed to keep the civilian in their mind. Moreover, the officer and authorities choices this one you won’t miss out about the Item that meets your state regulations.

On the other hand, The 8-round magazines ensure a plastic foundation pad with all the 7-round. And The magazine uses the plastic foundation pad or the compacted base choices.

It’s arguably the top 1911 magazine which you may put your hands on. It includes an exceptional steel portion which engages the slip catch to stop early wear and tear of their follower.

Pross in short:

Using for state regulations

the plastic foundation pad or the compacted base choices.

Excellent in strength


Cons in short:

It is one of the most expensive 1911 magazines in the market


In the end, you have to take your own decision when a magazine is just one of the most critical accessories at almost any gun. In reality, this is among the most crucial parts so far as the conclusion of this rifle’s accuracy is worried.

Should you get it directly with the magazine, then your odds of getting it directly together with the gun are raised a fantastic deal. Regrettably, most shooters take this topic with less severity, an aspect that’s ended up costing them a great deal. Using this guide, you’ll have the ability to land yourself to the top 1911 magazine your cash, and the marketplace needs to give.

On the other hand, the magazines that the maker of your 1911 supplies for you once you purchase from these may or might not be high quality. Only to be on the safe side, buying any of those four 1911 magazines we’ve covered here now will make sure your weapon works faithfully.

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